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  1. Mosa
    Haiya kumbe Ata nilikua SV na muniambii
  2. Innocent lemmy
    Innocent lemmy
    I see technology is scaling at a higher rate,...The globalization
  3. El Tucci
    El Tucci
    Mbi for mbirrioneyas
  4. JOM
    Loking4a job@ avic INTL
  5. Papaa Mobimba
    Papaa Mobimba
    Bad people always teach you the right lesson in your life.
  6. Frankana Lisis
    Frankana Lisis Mwa
    I live in Kiambu, I work in Westy. Towards the Karume tea farms, Koinange and Former CBK Governor Philip Ndegwa Empire there is a place called Githiga. While driving it takes me a max of 46 mins to town. But ukishikwa na Jam ya Kiambu road you could take more. Hiyo Bei you will get a good Ka-quarter. I swear you go there and you won't want to leave without a piece. Been there three years now.
    1. Mwa
      Thanks. Give me directions I check this week.
      Jan 22, 2018 at 7:15 AM
  7. Haniafu
    You know Lie, not that I care what you think, but that Eleanor roast kinda stung abit. Twatt.
  8. El Tucci
    El Tucci
    Text ads haziwezi toshea huku badala ya hizi vitu kubwa?
  9. mcjohna
    mcjohna Pauline Mmanule
    Haha lakini at times imebidi ukae solo
  10. mcjohna
  11. Pauline Mmanule
    Pauline Mmanule
    Let's unite in making Kenya a place to go,stay,live.We are one and without one then we are nothing.1+1=2 and 1-1=0.
    1. The stepper
      The stepper
      Jan 19, 2018 at 2:13 PM
  12. Uncle FanFan
  13. Uncle FanFan
    Uncle FanFan
    Chapa ilale, kwani iko nini
  14. Big den
    Big den
    Sipendagi Ujinga Mimi!!
  15. kymnjoro
    The whole point of life is to have fun, to seek happiness, to be happy. That is your one and only purpose in life.
    1. TerribleWaste
      I can't say I disagree with you.
      Jan 18, 2018 at 2:07 PM
  16. 254Kushmann
  17. Man_Cave.
  18. brightma
  19. Mr.
    I am who I am
  20. hawaaian
    hawaaian Friendly
    Chief. Looks like you are also a Mangu Man who did power mech. Class of 96 hapa. Holla