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    Pray for Tanzania

    Tanzania is being blackmailed and coerced. at some point, some foreign media have been requesting other African countries to "reign in" tanzania. very suspect. If they could, they would do it themselves but they know what it would be seen as. Tanzania will prove to us whether there was need to...
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    Kuja Uone Hii Ujinga.... Does she have a valid case?

    I bet that glue is properly and succintly labelled. its purpose and all
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    Biden Supporters to start singing alekumsalam

    If Trump beats Biden in the #USAElections2020 , it will be like a livestreamed salamalekum alekumsalam video moment for Biden Supporters
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    It will take a lifetime for Tanzania to catch up with Kenya

    Tanzania ain't isht. Big country full of retards
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    King Kaka Sungura Rabbit Apuoyo Ombima

    I read some random propaganda blog article stating ati Rabbit cant visit his village in Siaya. I know, not only Luos live in Siaya, but... What is interesting is, Ombima is not even a Luo name, but ndumakuwilis will go around peddling how Rabbit Luo boy blah blah...... I know, if you arranged...
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    Big Fat Juicy Shout-out : Bishop Kioko Hospital

    :D:D Dr Nguku is an orthopediatrician, try again
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    Big Fat Juicy Shout-out : Bishop Kioko Hospital

    Sending a Big fat juicy shout out to Staff wa / za / ya Bishop Kioko Catholic Hospital Masaku. Nurses wa St Andrews Ward wote, the slim Lunje one who struggles talking Kikamba to the old Mwaitus, Kwata Leu, Kwata Leu....nenda ukome vau...yaaaa:D:D madam, cucu / shosho ni Gikuyu, but ni vizuri...
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    Lack of female Pacesetters starts a storm as eliud break barriers

    feminists can go *** theyselves with dildos
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    Kikuyu President

    We need anything but a President from a Warlike community A lot is happening in Nandi As A Luhya, I'd rather ten Kikuyu Presidents in a Row Than anything else We really hope a strong Kikuyu stands We may not be the best of friends, but we can start at the Bantu Connection, we are distant cousins...
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    China has the most tall buildings. What can stop China?

    @patco probably THINKS he can. what a biatch
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    Phone without the Google app; good or bad?

    Bitch please, beat it already. You are such a daft iterative bum. Hundreds of sites mirror google playstore repositories including apkmirror and apkpure. If you need to update an app you only have to go to apkmirror and download the latest release, install without uninstalling the existing...
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    Phone without the Google app; good or bad?

    @patco you're a bitch ass nigga, with nothing going on upstairs. It's hard for you to accept that everyone knows you are a biotch. And like the stupid slave hound you are, you are going to respond to this. I have allowed you to respond. Throw in some new insults so we can all see how...
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    Francophone Arab African country

    Which Kenyans ?
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    Huduma number is a scam..

    huduma namba aint sh*t