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    This is so true. I am a mechanical engineering graduate . Its can be frustrating sometimes.
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    Getting hired by Safaricom

    True. Journalism standards have completely detorariated ever since media houses started hiring comedians to host especially radio shows.
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    This is Guka - Here is Irrefutable Proof That the Majority of Kenyans Can't Think to Save Their Lives..........

    Spot on as always, old man ;) I mainly joined this site just to be reading your posts.
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    University College London. One year full-time programme if you can afford it.
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    psycho girlfriends and wives

    This is so true. A psychotic bitch will start drama early on in the relationship but most guys will just let it go. It never ends well.
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    Should I be scared...

    @Kimakia I think you are the one feeding these people who are constantly trolling you. You seem to bring it up in most your own posts. Just let it go. You don't have to respond to every mention. People will always think what they want.
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    Reinventing your life

    That's the most important thing in this life, right next to oxygen. And as long as your brain is still functional you'll get back on your feet. Get rid of that woman and start afresh by yourself.
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    Cars for PR

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    Mortgages people suffering in silence

    Simple financial logic- rent where you live, buy to sell / rent out.
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    Your parent is your second God.

    They say that because God couldn't be everywhere all the time , He created mothers. Cherish your moms while they are still around.
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    Passport Assistance

    I went back after 3 weeks, long queue, the officer took our invoices , came back with a bunch including mine with the words 'in process' written on it. I went back in August, same process. Officer came back with my invoice with words 'dispatched' written on it and advised me to go back back...
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    Passport Assistance

    I submitted my renewal documents at Nyayo house in July. I got my new e passport after two months. Just be prepared to do a lot of trips to check if its ready. It can be frustrating but eventually you'll get it.
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    If this isn't rock bottom, I don't know what is

    I think you are not doing so badly for a man in his 20s. Just like many people you wanted your life to turn out in a certain way but I think dropping out of college changed that trajectory and now you feel like this is it for you. You need to forget the past and keep walking. Don't compare...
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    On a serious note though, beyond a certain age, a woman with a bit of self worth should outgrow pointless sexual arrangements like FWB, open relationship and the like . I'm not judging.
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    To you he's your FWB, to him you're just another whore he's sleeping with. Keep that in mind.