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    Stuck in a relationship just because of the good sex

    Swali moja tu, mbona hiyo E iko na background ya pink? Is it coz uko na umama?
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    My niggers never learn:sasa ona

    I don't know what happened to women (sijakuwa around for long but I've heard stories that they used to be faithful,fragile creatures) sikuhizi ni kama all of them are whores that is why I do nasty things to them, if we are dating she gotta suck d*ck and definitely anal sex is on the table coz...
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    Ask any dude who has nailed a married woman and he will tell you that most of the time they cheat because of stupid excuses, trust me I should know I fucked one for almost a year. They had a seven year old kid and the husband was working in ukunda coming home home over the weekends, providing...
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    Not this again, women keep patting themselves on the back for the most stupid ideas, is it doing a favour to your partner when you don't cheat or when you are patient? This is the generation where women don't want broke or unemployed guys, then after finding a provider and hard worker unaanza...
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    18+ Zile napenda

    Maybe ni ako petite tu ama macho zangu zanidanganya but she kinda looks too young.
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    Sonko pale JKL

    I just watched the interview and I take my first comment back.
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    Alpha male sio Team Mafisi

    Very insecure and desperate for validation SMH.
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    Sonko pale JKL

    Better than Kibwana!?
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    These people are serious about destroying Kenya

    I think that you guys are really underestimating the impact of unemployment. Nigga, unemployment, under employment, below minimum wage, living with less than a dollar a day is real. I've seen what desperation does to people so don't dare lie to your self that it's not one of the factors (I agree...
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    Bishnigga Kusumbuliwa na Kienyeji

    Amelala hivyo ndio apatie mourners kazi, at least akifa wambebe wakimgeuza ndio aenjoy kama wale maiti wengine.
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    Kuosha mecho

    Hawa watu wangeona zile content watu wamejaza kwa simu,,, wacha tu wangejua safisha macho ni infants' play. Tulikosana na bae at one time aliposhika simu akijifanya anaingia kwa videos, bitch alibidi ameamsha tantrums. I have a friend (a music producer) yeye zake hafichi, ako na over 1 terabyte...
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    Private guards manning important and key buildings will now be armed

    This is not logical, how many of these security guards are well paid, disciplined and motivated enough to risk their lives for some rich people parking range rovers outside courtesy of NYS money!?
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    Owning a vehicle will be pretty Expensive

    Good one, just like in the chicken and egg question, which comes first? in fact to the best of my knowledge we don't manufacture in Kenya we only assemble imported pieces.
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    Ugly girls yawa

    Is it that your judgement was actually clouded by the dry spell or was the pu**y really sweet? Halafu hii maneno ya madem warembo sijui nini, inafanya sisi ambao tuko na ma yellow yellow pretty things tuanze kufikiria sana kuhusu haya mapenzi...
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    Owning a vehicle will be pretty Expensive

    Unless waamue kuitumia kama agenda kwa campaigne 2022.