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    Cunning inlaws

    Poor lad. I always advise young men to keep off women who are brought up by single mothers.
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    nitaacha hii hapa

    hehehe mtu anaenda kwa bedroom ya babake? You are not supposed to see the walls of the factory that produced you
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    Safari ya TZ

    Hizo shati za eastleigh hua 500 ukinunua wholesale
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    University Politics

    I did several papers for a fee. kweli university ni harambee
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    first date with a Kenyan woman

    We have been fucking before your realized your d*ck can stand. silly boy
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    Fuel Card

    Hii ni cash cow ya drivers na petrol station attendants. Kwanza ukipata fleet ya kampuni utanukisha kitunguu walai kama 10K per day.
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    swali to pinkies...single mums

    Wanawake na ujinga yao... that denying you to see your child is punishment
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    Supreme court verdict

    Unpin this thread we go back to cleaning eyes. Baba is a senior citizen enjoying pension in Bondo
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    Athuri Na Nyakinyua

    Haisha na ngathi kari kiii?
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    Kenyan ladies are killing prostitution

    I hate this language... what is it called
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    Friday manenos

    naishi na sugar mummy
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    Friday manenos

    naishi na sugar mummy
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    Friday manenos

    Do you know how many people dream and wish to earn 30K hii Kenya? I am in the privileged lane...
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    Friday manenos

    Leo ni Friday na 30K salo bado iko 29,300 who wants free beer? Wengineo mnatafuta ukimwi wapi hii weekend?
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    TBT electric avenue edition

    kwanini ilikua inakaa kama imemwagiliwa uji?