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    Black Friday

    Talk of Safaricom's Masoko site going down just when people were waiting to click on iPhone 8's 1sh sale :D:D
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    Black Friday

    I've only ever used Jumia and Kaimu (back in the day), I have never used Kilimall but kuangalia saa hii... Hebu check this out...
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    Kei 24

    Been thinking this digital migration story is the one that made this possible. Any chance that they monitor any signal that is taken up by a viewer?
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    Black Friday

    Hey good people...(and some not so good), Does this black Friday thing really work in this country? Trying to look for good offers on our local online stores but I can't see anything worth the hype. What is the best offer you've seen/or are waiting for kesho? Let's share and see.