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    Governor Sonko Development.

    a politician is not something good everybody want to be pleased.let governor sonko do whatever he can he has tried his best actually since since when it is raining the previous government hasnt done any action let support governor Sonko in all means .WE CHOOSE HIM LET GIVE HIM TYM
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    ALLAH is the most ghafur HE forgives all sin u can start b4 it late u can start immediately praying there are no genuine excuses for leaving salah then the rest of things will come automatically. am praying to ALMIGHTY ALLAH to forgive all our sins
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    Somali Kunguru ..mambo fyam

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    Somali Kunguru ..mambo fyam

    u cant go any place and take pic of others posting into social media. how will u feel I met with ua sister posting her naked pic be grown up
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    How many of you are Muslims?

    yap barasho wanagsan
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    How many of you are Muslims?

    jimco wanagsan abayo
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    Jubilee Dev - Tarmacking of Milalani-Kilulu road in Msambweni Kwale County

    looking for joho in the pic:cool: