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    Explicit 40 forty lounge

    Ni kama management of lounge huwa wanachagua ugly ladies wapigwe picha
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    Why you should reduce your ugali consumption

    Utagombana na Waluyha
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    Kikuyu wanachezwa

    Unapiga uppercut Kiyuyus sio
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    Muranga-Nakuru journey shortened

    Uhuru amefanya kazi
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    Maanzoni 4

    Dont lie
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    Uhuru Succession: History of Kikuyu Betrayal of Country?

    Yaani Watu wawili wakubaliane then iwe matter of whole tribe? Hivi a poor from Murang'a or Kiambuu that agreement inamhusu nini?
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    China's new ambassador to Kenya ruffles Feathers.

    Are you sure? I am only one and only Baba yeke Digi
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    China's new ambassador to Kenya ruffles Feathers.

    Hahaaaa... Njoo hapa Kayole nikupe tusker bariiidi utulie uache kuchokoza my son @digi
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    China's new ambassador to Kenya ruffles Feathers.

    Next time i will hardly send you in Siberia with only my hand if you disturb my only Son
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    China's new ambassador to Kenya ruffles Feathers.

    I read it with my 100% conscious mind. My son has got one of the best brain in East Africa
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    If you've never done one of these 3 things, you are not a true alpha male

    This story of beta and alpha male for my opinion ni kutojiamini, sign of someone strugle to understand where his gender belong. Mwanaume thabiti doesnt need to be recognised by stupid beta or alpha. As true African, ukiniona tayari unajua huyu ni Mwanaume haswa, no story mingi za chieth details...
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    Alcohol poisoning.

    Half botttle unalia!
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    Another IGNORE material

    The wekaest part of any man is to press ignore button. In my opinion if anyone has different opinion its healthy, in-fact if anyone insult someone theres mod, just report, we are not 100% perfect, sometimes we fall. If i remember correct, those cherish 'ignore' came from Politiki forum. Get...
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    Is Ruto Uhuru's close political ally?

    As long as you throw stones to Ruto you make him 5th president material. Kuna wale watamuonea huruma, watasema other steal why Ruto ndo pekee anarushiwa mawe? My advice for those who want alternative, find at least 'a clean politician' otherwise Ruto has upper cut