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    Generali Breaking News....

    Genelo mwitu is described below. Do narcissists notice when people start to avoid them? They do, and this is one of their biggest fears. If you start to avoid or ignore a narcissist and you were previously considered good supply, the narcissist will start scrambling in an attempt to find a way...
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    Raila Should Now Pick Karua & Game Is Over By 7:00A.M In Railas Favor

    Your head needs lots of grease. your brain matter is over heating!!
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    Breaking news Wadau.

    There goes the mucheneist, dont vist a toilet to releive yourself,
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    The Case Of British Killer Soldier. Ilienda Aje. BRITS NEED TO LEAVE KENYA. WARUDI KWAO

    Mucheneist at his best, Do you really listen to yourself?
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    Drug Dealers & Wash Wash To Convert Kenya Into African Colombia

    Hence he has become mucheneist in same league with NDINDU! Mount Iberia frogs
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    Body of beatrice waruguru from Saudi , no eyes, uterus, kidney

    Hold on to your horses, This an issues ought to be dealt at africa union high level, understand the animal called geopolitics. Dont be a mucheneist like NDINDU!!
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    Drug Dealers & Wash Wash To Convert Kenya Into African Colombia

    Ndindu= Is a certified mucheneist!!
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    Mighty China Sends 18 Fighter Jets Into Taiwan Defense Zone

    Ndindu una muchene mob. Hind my advise tafuta watu wamjengo and head to Ukraine aftermath!!!!!!!
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    Ujinga Ya Kitui Kuamini Nyuki Ziki Settle Kwa Kitu Ni Lazima Ni Cha Wizi

    Ndindi tafasali, Fanya tafiti maalumu, Kuna asali aina mbali mbali. Una muchene mob. weka brain govrner!!
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    We need to bring MIGUNA back very fast

    Wigspipa bud cow, you asking question you should be asking a.k.a genelo mwitu.!!! 1. what happened to the mother all rape case in toronto vs wigspipa.???? 2. Did wigspipa sue the police and why ( alitiwa githole its presumed) seeking to be paid public money!!! 3. Is it true the victim was...
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    Mr Kibaki’s family is in mourning and they could have been spared the venom, at least until after the burial today. Judging from the praise he has received throughout the week, President Kibaki was one of Kenya’s most capable leaders. On January 30, 2018, Canada-based barrister Miguna Miguna...
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    We need to bring MIGUNA back very fast

    Do us a favour wigspipa cow for staters! 1. Wigspipa( Genelo mwitu) raped a kenyan in toronto, what happened to the case? 2. The victim was a relative to onyango oloo, a commrade among comraades to wigspipa.