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    Guka's Take: Why the On-Going Crackdown MUST Continue

    Media has ruled .ke since 2003. They were supposed to vacate office in 2013 lakini wakakatalia kama Mugambe. They are now...
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    Iran Protests : Time for the Revolutionary Guard to act

    Demo-crazy loading...in one of the few democratic Islamic nations.
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    Mugo...Ati urauga atia?
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    Madentist wako wapi?

    Kwa Kiswahili: Waongezi, nani anajua bei ya bangili za meno na ninaweza zipata wapi hapa Nakuru?
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    Jakom Formally Requests Uhuru for Nusu Mkate

    Asande, lakini sikuamini sana.
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    Jakom Formally Requests Uhuru for Nusu Mkate

    wakubwa R.A.T inamanishanga nini -I know its =RWNBP, but initials zinasimamia nini?
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    Very sick joke or what?

    the so called international human rights (part of Kenya law) prohibits use of "unusual punishments". this kind of statement by Meja makes me wonder if we are led by dolts. kupayuka tu.
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    WSR wealth questions

    I will forward the message to GADO ni yeye alichiora
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    WSR wealth questions

    I have said, "I guess". the fact is Jim & NRM leaders have no moral authority to question WSR's wealth
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    WSR wealth questions

    How comes WSR can afford Weston, a lake and a fleet of matatus, yet other career politicians like .....cannot. Well, lets peel back the mask The difference. You remember this piece of BS during nusu mkate I guess the man is good in financial management. Many former MPs are bankrupt...
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    huyu ngengi.......

    he was marketing his next mission
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    is WSR the first Kenyan to construct a lake? NRM members get a life.
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    Today in History

    hii kuna vile naona nyote mkuje na leso tuongelee hii maneno
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    magafuli is a real democrat for a developing economy

    hapa Kenya hiyo kazi ya personal assistant, senior officials are only expected to know which tender is about to be issued and to who
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    In times of resistance....no luxury

    there are other viable options for affected shops ---waanzishe airtelmoney