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    Kenyans Own The Ugliest Designed Houses In The World...

    Those designs are quiet personal and can’t be blamed on the architectures and contractors as every man/ woman has their own desires. What you see here is a replication of oblong personalities that various characters within our society possess. How can one justify that this designs were not done...
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    Noemi Campbell

    Black don't crack... hii mama ni safi.
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    18+ Katamu 1

    Rusha number inbosk nisiage hii mifupa
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    Physically Fit

    Mpaka labia majora imeflex
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    Mobb Deep

    Amerikaz Nightmare
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    MGTOW is for weak suckers, get a damn girlfriend/wife and stop wanking.

    No one has discovered a definite formula to life as to lecture the universe on how Mgtow or marriage can have pros or cons.... we see new theories coming up everyday and it’s for us to embrace or dispute on a personal level. Every human exists to achieve their own life objectives... hata wale...
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    A marriage story

    It’s the bonobo mindset and conditioning... ile ya ukimwaga mboga tunatia unga mchanga so that kila mmoja akose
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    Wameona kivumbi

    Christmas has never been better. Hii ghasia inafaa kuuwawa pamoja na ngamia zao zote.
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    Katambe kanuke

    They are pulling a scandal to push sales. Simple!
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    Single matha date

    This was because she saw you look at the sone in some kind of way. Anyway been hitting single mom pu**y until recently she requested me to impregnate her on an upcoming date this week. Saa hii niko burnt forest ... kichaka ndaniiii! Verdict ; single moms are retards.
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    When you discover your "mother-in-law" secretly hates you!

    By giving her more air time you will be allowing domination by the manipulative feminist. If you agree to getting screwed big time then more cotton to your ears & lube into would be advisable, iff not then run to the nearest hills like there is a gold rush
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    Electing Criminals

    Alikula 10k??