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    I see people are shocked by the fact that a man knows that his wife is having sex with someone else and tolerate it.Let me tell you something I see it all the time where I live and I'm shocked too,I guess is the reality of modern marriage life.Kuna wanaume wengi wako hivi sana.
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    Women Invite Rapists By Their Dress Mode

    We have infants who have been raped, grandmothers who were raped in their own homes,men been raped,muslim women who cover their body from head to toe raped,Fathers raping their daughters and yet you come to the conclusion that the problem is the dress code.Na bado una insist kama kumbavu that...
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    Calling all Alpha males- kamenuka

    It is long but it is interesting,such a good writer.
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    I think it is important that you give each other space for now,then resume talks later on and see where it goes from there.She seems like the serious type,so she might ask for a divorce even later on.
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    Nimeshangazwa Leo jioni

    Watu wako na mafeelings hapa jo,kwani bibi ya wenyewe ni nini? I see married men cheating on their wives with multiple women all time.The only advice I would give someone who is fucking a married woman is,use protection all the time hawa mabibi wanaambukizwa magonjwa na mabwana zao daily.
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    We saw it coming .Clueless beta gets left - by a singo matha-for an older sponza .Fungeni leso

    I respect a woman views if she want to be the so called modern woman,that is her life.But I will never let a woman dictate my life or urge me to embrace her way of life never never.This guy allowed the woman to walk over him like and idiot and he got an indelible lesson.
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    I'm proud to say that I was one of the few individuals that encouraged you to continue with your mission.Lakini next time tumia protection msee.Congratulation may you continue with your endeavours.
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    Finally hekaya imeiva

    I just don't get it honestly,how can you have raw sex with someone who has a sponsor? Especially when you have a wife.Kuna ufisi na kuna ujinga,wanaume saa zingine tuambiane ukweli.Hii Nairobi you even think twice before you have raw sex with your girlfriend,sasa wewe umejipeleka kwa kisima ya...
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    18+ In April I was with Wendy in Mombasa and you cant imagine what she was doing with her phone

    This is a kid,her watching porn is not a shock,but a grown up trying to expose a kid is the shocking thing here.
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    The truth is that most men will not do anything if you have sex with their wives.The advice I would give you is;use protection.Married Kenyan women are at a greater risk of getting Hiv/Aids.Wacha na hawa wewe enjoy life,bibi ya wenyewe ni mwanamke kama wale wengine.
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    It's over... I can feel the peace that death brings now

    The man was asking for his money and you had an agreement with him,so I don't see him the way you're trying to potray him.I don't get how you're proud of yourself and portraying yourself as a victim,wewe na familia yako mko na shida.
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    Just another Njeri in Uropa

    Wewe wacha kukaa chini ya bench unachoma picha pia,ama wewe ni bro ya Mwala.
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    Dating a beautiful woman..The downsides

    If she is beautiful and very successful(like Hollywood successful) and does not need a man finacially at all,then her chances of cheating are very slim because she chose you because she loves you.But when it comes to Kenya where a good number of women are looking for a guy who will take care of...
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    If I f**k your wife in my house ama kwa lodging usijaribu kuniletea ujinga,ama nikutume binguni.
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    18+ Kukamua bibi za wenyewe

    Its not a big issue as long as you stay safe.Most men won't do anything if they find out you're banging their wife,its just talk but have caution.Bibi ya wenyewe ni mwanamke ka wale wengine and they have needs.