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    Hatuko Pamoja

    Failed state
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    Drunkard Uhuru will be a one term president.Accept and move on.
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    All is not well in wonder Uhuru is not worried

    Anyone supporting jubilee is either stupid or corrupt-Alfred Keter
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    Meditations of a jaded fish.

    The determining factor of how much pu**y u get is money not age
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    Monkey trader stoned

    Watching, the footage, I haven't seen Raila being attacked. There were clashes between meat eater Washialis supporters and some Cord MCAs.Raila decided to walk away.Western is Corded and these jubilee dimwits wanking here should relax.
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    Open Retter to Matiang'i

    He has tried but he is still below par.There are errors in the examination papers.Setting was shoddily done.
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    State funeral

    The death of a certain woman is good riddance to bad rubbish
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    Opiyo Wandayi Gladys Wanga Millie Odhiambo Kajwangs Mbadi

    Those MPs are heroes.Jubilee are thieves and must be told so
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    todays breaking news

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    Simba1 breaking news

    Congratulations to Kisumu youth.The illegitimate president must know he is not welcome in CORD zones.
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    Drunk SOB
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    Governer Rusanga

    I will vote for Raila because Kikuyus fear him so much as evidenced in the moronic posts above.The bangi smoker Uhuru hasn't achieved anything in 4 years.State house is not a lodging.
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    What do you think is going through his Mind?..

    Why am l such a failure,why can't I be like Magafuli
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    The Level of Idiocy...

    This Kenyan/African idiocy must end!You cannot compare France and Kenya, or Paris and Nairobi. If you went to school properly you would know that the city of Paris represents human civilization at its finest. Kenya is a third world, broke,banana republic led by an incompetent drunkard.# Je suis...
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    Nimekubali. Mimi ni Racist........Nitavote Uhuru 2017...........

    Rao will make it without your Mungiki votes

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