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    Mitsubishi RVR

    Hiyo ni ile imefanyiwa modification, try the original one
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    Mitsubishi RVR

    putting toyota engine to RVR is crazy. although itatembea, the weight is too much for a toyoya engine. toyota weight is less that 400kg and this car is 1540kg. also toyoya is two wheel drive while this car id 4wd.alot of modification and a lose of power. the best engine to put is manual which...
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    Mitsubishi RVR

    i have a 1997 model which is the same as 1996 anyway as the series goes back to 1991. i have had it for 3years. i had to change it to manual as i had problems with the auto gearbox. 3years down the line, iam still using it and the only thing i replaced was camshaft sensor after it was damaged...