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    Special Delivery

    Hekaya iko sawa kula like
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    How do I bookmark this?
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    Net profit of 5 billion, and ...

    Bibi yako atakuliwa na watchman,plumber,mtu wa kuchange bulb ama plumber. Malipo ni hapa hapa duniani
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    Hekaya imesimama gangare kama titi la mwanamwari barubaru Haha
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    afande pewa mbili, noma sana
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    Homabay Chronicles... (the end)

    Wikuo muno
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    Why Donald Trump is the best American president for Africa & the Caribbean.

    By your language I'm guessing you're Adams from scc Right?
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    Kivutha/ Kituyi 2022.

    I wish ningekuwa apo ukiandika this chiet, I would shove this bottle in your black a**. Have respect for the greatest president since Independence.
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    pinkies though

    I thought highschoolers wamerudi shule!
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    Mobius gets Sh500m US loan to build plant.

    Kenyan vehicle manufacturer Mobius has received a Sh500 million ($5 million) loan from the US government’s development finance institution Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic) to set up a new factory. Mobius Kenya said the Nairobi factory, to be unveiled mid this year, will be equipped...
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    South Sudan application to join Arab League denied...

    I'm not against their colour but these guys should have their cool
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    This kind of F*ckery

    I had a feeling someone is gonna drop a nice hekeya, which have been very rare nowadays. Nice one, to this and many more.
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    Shared on what's app - interesting

    Very true Africa we're 80% consumers.Though we're slowly realigning our industries to more diverse manufacturing, processing etc However that doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves the finer things(IPhones, merc, etc) because they're foreign-produced. Work to Enjoy Life fark haha
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    NYS Buses

    And izi buses zinapandiwa wapi town?
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    Wanting without preparation ,,season 2

    Haha on point To this and many more