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    Safaricom 4G For Home

    This service is no longer available. It's now 3.5k for 100GB at 3Mbps. It sucks now.
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    A U.S. Government Contractor Embedded Tracking Software in the Apps of Millions of Smartphone Users

    >>> A damning new WSJ report says a small U.S. government contractor embedded software in over 500 apps, tracking millions of people worldwide. According to the report: Anomaly...
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    Release the Snyder Cut

    And so it came to pass.
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    Why Online Shopping's Overrated...Hanging Fresh Fruits..

    Not everything in that category has to be 18+. Besides, I don't use categories. I use 'all threads' link. Lastly, I didn't blame anyone. I made a request.
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    Why Online Shopping's Overrated...Hanging Fresh Fruits..

    Please mark threads like this as NSFW. I opened it in front of my nephews.
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    PS5 Will Be A Game Changer

    Though the demo is stunning, it still feels like at least three years away before we can experience games like this. UE5 launches sometime mid next year. I have a feeling the first versions of the PS4 will have problems. (I got the day 1 PS4 and it was way too loud from day 1. Three years later...
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    Safaricom 4G For Home

    When I was there I had to buy the router plus a new SIM. Once the new SIM is subscribed to the tariff you can use it on any 4G device. I tried the SIM on another router and phone and it worked just fine. The router they sell is actually pretty good, excellent reception. It's the best I've used...
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    YouTube without Ads

    uBlock Origin will do. And weirdly, YouTube is the only site I have whitelisted to allow ads.
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    Samsung or Xiaomi

    Samsung A series is very mediocre. A similarly priced Huawei, Xiaomi, etc will out-match and outperform A series in almost every way. I went from A30s to A50 and I hated both.
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    Samsung or Xiaomi

    Whichever one that does not have a gimmicky under display fingerprint scanner.
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    From washing husband's faeces on their underwear to this, who wants to be wifed up?

    Why are you like this? Attracted to negative sh...
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    Safaricom unlimited 4g

    It's been fine actually... 95% of the time. Occasionally, it'll drop to ~2Mbps but a router reboot fixes this. The only problem I've had is one time I paid but their system did not renew my subscription. I called them and they sorted it out.
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    post your desktop

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    The first volunteer for Covid 19 vaccine DIES

    This has been reported as F.A.K.E. news.
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    i need your help, I started a gaming channel any ideas man!,

    -> Use English. Wider audience. -> Play the current most hype games. You can check Twitch stats for games attracting views at the moment. I've subscribed to about four gaming channels and most of the time they are all playing the same game. RE3 Remake was everywhere the past few weeks; still...