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    Strategic Pincer! Could WW3 be NEARING!!

    Largest and heaviest supersonic aircraft ever built capable of Mach 2+
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    Judge Odunga keeps winning

    I liked how Matiang'i showed this biased family judge the middle finger and there was nothing he could do except cry for help from the CJ, who was also overwhelmed. Matiang'i for president!
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    Nyong'o, the Professor

    Hukua umejua? Look back at the scandals. Face of Kenya. Labda Njemps
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    Moi University cracks whip on Fourth Years who ‘exile’ Freshers during sex escapades

    That's all of them. Hakuna mluhya damu lukewarm. All of them including @pamba :D
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    Accident Alert: Eldoret-Nakuru highway

    I know the blackspot. Iko mtu alikua freewheeling hapa na sio Classic
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    Nyong'o, the Professor

    I remember the Klinix scandal. Ny'ongo was caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar. There was a scandal too in the Education and Agriculture ministries around the same time. What does the PM do? Fires Ruto and Ongeri and leaves his kinsman to continue 'raising funds ' for his 2013...
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    Purple ameland Muchatha

    Who said all of them have been made by rusty ironsheet and mbao?
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    Purple ameland Muchatha

    Kujeni muone kababaa
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    Landcruiser J200 aka ''VX V8'' ʞuoɔʞoɟɟ

    Kia gari musito. Huko kwa akina midget you'd rarely see any toyota makes mixing with the mercs, porsches, VWs, BMW, Bugattis and Koeniggs in the autobahn but Kias ni mingi kuliko
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    Willing victim of a young Nairobian girl

    "No i won't", i quickly answered, scanning the lobby as i ushered her to my room.. We all know 'No' means 'Yes'
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    What can you do with ksh. 10,000?

    Kwani watakula hewa? Poultry feeds is one of the most expensive
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    Mahali tumefika only a miracle can save us. Kenyans no longer believe you can make it by leading a honest life. We are a reflection of our leaders and vice versa. Way forward ni public execution sasa
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    Umegonga ndipo. This is exactly what happens. Ama pia wewe uko hii works?
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    Characteristics ya Wasee Wa Ocha in the Diaspora

    If Hypocrisy peed down on your face( ukisimama) you'd just wipe it off cursing the rain