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    New York Kamenuka

    my sentiments exactly.
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    We must reset the civil society to accommodate our own rules. (COVID19 and other stories)

    Most kenyan rules are based on what the colonials thought was good for Africa and that's why it's hard to implement constitution when moral differ with customs, culture differ with technology etc. Lets look at the curfew: You order a curfew, with same old colonial mentality that everyone will...
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    herb that cures alcoholism

    ukipata hit me up for mass production.
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    Cure imepatikana!!!

    so tutumie mwarobaini na mapema? African problems calls for African solutions.
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    Social distance done right- indian version

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    7pm-5am Lockdown

    So corona is busy at night?
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    Rice farming

    I prefer bulk buying during harvest nov- dec then selling April to may. You will get a 100% profit but juu wataka farming, prepare renting during July to August if you want to engage next year season. Ya hii mwaka huwezi pata.
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    Explicit Psychopaths are everywhere

    That pu**y looks old.
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    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    You guys are trying too hard
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    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    sijakataa....am wondering why does it bother you that much to go for archives?
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    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    i think that was the peak of my experimental stages and it doesn't haunt me like it does your life.:D
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    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    :D:D we must see good in calamities or positives in negative situations. Only through that we can get into harmony with things we cant understand. Hakuna visiting places for a while. Actually TV ni off so stories zimekuwa nyingi. Its funny how we slowly drift the initial connection due to work...
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    Nice weekend from the Byro's family

    Hapa nimekaa nikifanya research mama ndie huyu amesema nitulie dunia inaisha this year. Nice weekend wankers.
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    Elders mlisemaje kuhusu story ya kudate madem wayoung.

    What age were your moms when they were deemed mature enough to take care of their offspring? Can you blame them despite their "rightful age" in siring kids who cant take different opinions and oppose in a way to convince others against the move?
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    Elders mlisemaje kuhusu story ya kudate madem wayoung.

    Thats the perfect age to date and mold her to however you want her to be. We said earlier if you want a more dedicated and envisioned lady in life go for 19-21yr olds. After hapo ni same old story.