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    Night talk: egg on the face

    face..nah inaeza haribu dem uso...mdomo not bad...
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    Night talk: can you dry fry your cousin?

    meyn mafisi ni wengi..
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    Single mums

    aiiiiii you guys have no idea what you are talking about...being a mum aint easy....especially wen its a single mother in question...its easy to say they should get married..but marriage isint a walk in the are just out of question...kazi imekua hit and run..they cant even...
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    Paul kobia roughed up by railas bodyguards

    rumours are rumours untill confirmed
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    Breaking news!!!

    dry fry ndo gani tena??chanua dada hapa..
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    i agree do you??

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    Thats what am talking about

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    Why kim kardashian does not smile..

    not if u can prevent it..
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    Poisoning behind Fidels Death

    kila msee ana story yake..and its none of anyones business..the guy is dead only the family knows the move on...
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    wewe uko wapi? maji je...those of us who use water ..
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    Raila turns 70

    heh 70 na ati alikua anasema ni kijana...hahaha
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    Bibi ya fidel

    james uonekaniwe na mwaka mpya tafadhali...hyo ufisi apana
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    France Terror attack

    muslims are a pain in the ass...wanafanya tu vitu za kuudhy...if only i was the president..
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    Hahahaha..Wipes tears....

    Teacher:"Who is the President of Kenya?" Children:"RailaOdinga" Teacher:"Correct, and the Minister of Defence?" Children:" Anyang' Nyong'o" Teacher:"Correct. What is the capital city of Kenya?" Children:"kisumu" Teacher:"Very good, and who composed the National Anthem?" Children:"Size 8"...
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    Teacher zoned pap!