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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    It feels like Bitcoin has got another good chance.
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Let me guess. Have you shifted to Ethereum?
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Yeah, that’s very tempting. But people haven’t created worthy recommendations on how to trade cryptos because it’s a relatively new type of financial instruments. So, we have to learn to trade cryptos on our own. However, I don’t think that it’s too difficult.
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    You've guessed right. I do trade cryptos. Didn't know it was that obvious LOL. I strongly believe in their enormous potential and certainly I don’t need the trailing stop feature here. I wish you all the best with finding the right way to use tgrailing stop in your daily work!
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    I think it makes no sense to use this feature of trailing stop. Instead, focus on entering the market at the right place and time and you will not have to care about. You will just move your take profit manually. The trailing stop feature can’t be a panacea. Don’t think that it can bring you...
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    Key vaccines expire, red tape at ministry to blame

    This is of course sad news and it definitely means that not all the processes have been established properly yet. And in this case, of course, the government and all systems that are related to this need to draw a conclusion and make some decisions so that this does not happen in the future...
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    Explicit Leta reviews

    Allow me to give you a piece of advice, friend. Umalaya in kitu hatari sanaa katika maisha ya mwanadmu. Ningependa nikiuambie yakwamba, inafaa tuachane na umalaya sababu ni dhambi. I will never encourage you to continue in such wickedness. Si ume wacha bibi nyumbani. Why do you look for diseases...
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    I would like to appreciate the doctors who have toiled and moiled so that they prevent the lose of lives by the corona virus pandemic. They have finally come out with the corona virus vaccine to show that they have worked . It has never been a joke, simply because, the virus was new in the field...
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    Guys is this a new strain of Corona in Kenya? Deaths are too high especially in mashinane

    It is so sad that people are dying in numbers in their homes. There was no death like this, I am also shocked due to this serious death that is taking place in the rural homes. I think there is something that is happening that should be checked on. There is a village, where more than 8 people...
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    Donald Trump test positive

    The only news that trended globally with a drastic speep was when the president of America, Donald Trump tested positive together with his wife. It was as if people were waiting for that message. I was shocked to find that message in every platform that I went to, I dont know where he has...
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    In any case, I'm planning to trade demo at least one month. Maybe I would try gold, but I don't know nothing about this asset, lol. Currencies seem to be the best way to learn trading, so will stick to them as for now =)
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    Creative Minds

    Surely, this genration needs the creative minds so that an individual may survive, I have been telling my friends that they should be creative so that they can be the role models in the societies. For example, in most of our societies, we are always told that the youths are the future leaders...
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Yeah, I noticed that, I found much more info about MT4, I don't know how that matter at all, but it's just a fact. Last month I've made 4% profit at my demo account, I can't say I'm feeling comfortly with my demo trading, but now I'm much more confident in trading at all. I trade currencies...
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    Discussion about Olymp Trade

    Really, there's only MT4, no MT5 now, lol. For some reason I thought that Olymp Trade introduced MT5 as well. Does anyone know why the company launched the MT4, not the MT5?
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    Kenyan Political Cycle

    I am not a political fan because I know very well that none of the politicians nomarlly tell the truth. I have been a tending different compains to different people, from different places. The politicians have the sweet words to lure the citizens and ones they have been enlightened, they forget...

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