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    Namna gani ulivyoshushwa hadi chini kuzimu

    Elaborate priss
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    When water is thicker than blood

    Your siblings and parents nowadays seem to be more preoccupied with your life more than theirs!
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    Boda boda

    Utalipa siku moja
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    I Have a Question About Life

    When Jehovah says it's time to go!
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    Too much sadness....

    Hii ni umeffi. I think you are a sick vegetarian. We murder thousands of cows, goats, chicken, pigs every day just to feed the human population. If you would have wanted us to feel sad you would have posted pictures of children killed by bombs in Syrria and other war-torn countries.
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    Tafuta Anondi swasininga utayionea mambo.
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    Distant relative

    I recently kamuad my dad's cousin granddaughter and she wants more of the stick this year.
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    What do they do exactly ??

    I recently purchased a property worth 27million through Cytton. Clean as hell!
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    Yello yellow thighs.

    Hii Kijiji inakaa iko na watu wanavuta vitu zenye si za kawaida.
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    Massage Lady

    Wacha tu nikae na back pains.
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    ulevi pserko

    Uwesmakende hujawahi malizwa na kamdudu?
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    Seems legit

    Tuelimisheni zaidi wadau.
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    Johnson Sakaja

    Guy must be a big joker. He appears to be 'politically confused'.
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    Nairobi Low Class

    Life is just an illusion. Death awaits us all!
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    Huyo bibi amerogwa na hao waganga!