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    18+ Xhosa circumcision

    Nat Geo
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    Worst head on collisions

    Viewer discretion
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    Msee wa duthi

    Head on collision!
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    Crash test fails

    Unsafe vehicles
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    What do you wish you knew or did in early 20s

    You live, you learn
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    Car Dealers: Onyo Kali

    Pro tip No.8
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    bridgestone vs goodyear vs maxxis

    How to choose the best tyres for your car.
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    bridgestone vs goodyear vs maxxis

    Stay away from pirelli p400. Very weak sidewall.
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    @fishmonger kuja kiasi

    Sex 4 fish...jaboya
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    More young adults 25-34 years old living with their parents: Report

    Very common among Indians and some coastal communities
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    How to grow ginger and make ginger powder

    Pro tips
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    18+ Ugandan ladies are sweet and loving-Chris Kirubi

    Robert Kirubi opted not to work for his father.
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    James Macharia spits on Kibaki

    Incompetent but loyal. Habanduki
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    Unisex barracks in Norway