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    Kieleweke femeos meet Kition

    Huyu Nick Salat amenukisha kitunguu Sana from the Moi family
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    Kufungua agrovet

    Only certification from Kenya vet board,..the person ambaye anauza should also be a registered para vet,..certificate holder wa Animal health course,.ukiuza mbegu za ukulima get certification from Kephis,
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    Agribussiness paying off

    Ksh700/pc zilikuwa the improved kienyeji chicken from kenchic called kenbro,.were at point of slaughter 4months old.
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    Wadau Advice Needed!!!!!

    It seems you were a beta male or still are,..u need to take a chill pill and accept that the Vicky didn't have the bastard with you, it seems inakuuma Sana, but itabidii uzoee ,..just tell her calmly that u are not in a position to provide the necessary guidance to her child bila makasiriko...
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    Agribussiness paying off

    Congrats, Agribusiness pays when you have a dependable market that pays timely and you also check your production costs are kept low,..I also did supply to two lodges in Tsavo 500pcs of kienyeji chicken at a premium price, had purposely reared them for this festive season.
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    Explicit Tuko wangapi?

    Msito what's that star in your name
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    Diploma in Agronomy(Agriculture)

    Agriculture related diploma aende Bukura college , Egerton University
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    Talker of the Year Award

    @Panyaste and anko @uwesmake
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    Baba Gets Mesmerized In A Beauty Parlour...

    Kwa hivyo Barber has now turned to be an influencer
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    Most used applications

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    zzero sufuri - Nuclear

    :D:D:D:D Hehehe
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    18+ Eunice from Ngong , the sweetest woman i have smashed from tagged..nilimwaga hadi dhambi..

    I know her, tena very from Ngong and I assure you on that, Eunice ain't her name bro...I know her real names.
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    Kama kawaida, Bonobos turning Karen into a slum

    Zilibomolewa zote, but Kuna chache hapo stage ya bomas
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    Kama kawaida, Bonobos turning Karen into a slum

    Karen is moving in the trajectory of an economic centre,..three malls(The Hub, Crossroads and Waterfront), three petrol stations, all major banks, supermarkets, café's and hotels, it's an awakening that was bound to come,'s good to us neighbours in Ngong, Na Ndonyo...but huko ndani things...
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    Give us the stats of the same constituency,..kibra