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    DSThieVes increase the monthly subscriptions. Talk of arrogance.

    Hata Sisi peasants tunaotumia GOtv have also increased monthly package price
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    Ruto Arudishe Pesa Awache Kisirani. He Was BRIBED. Rudisha Hongo Wacha Kutusumbua Aiseh.

    Jibu swali,..'kwa Nini arudishe pesa and he delivered!'...Mambo ya kuongea mob Na pesa kurudishwa ni vitu mbili tofauti
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    Ruto Arudishe Pesa Awache Kisirani. He Was BRIBED. Rudisha Hongo Wacha Kutusumbua Aiseh.

    Sasa atarudishaje pesa and he delivered 2013 and 2017 as agreed
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    Azimio is utterly disorganised

    Raila's 'boy' Pius Kinuthia is actually our own @johnpombe
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    HASIRA Nation In Damage Control After Kuria Middle Finger Salute, Mama Mboga Shoving & Kinoti Insult. Sasa Ni Kuzima Moto

    Why is Kuzimia all over justifying themselves and drooling over Ruto all through, ambieni wafuasi wenu sera zenyu, its only 12 days to General Elections,
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    Difference Between 2017 and 2022 Lone Debates

    ehhh waturedio round hii umeamua kuwa analyst, hakuna thread yoyote ya siasa hautoi your 'opinion'
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    Tupewe rink Wadau

    Just read the article, Ruto tells the elders that Uhuru was caught off guard by the supreme court verdict, he panicked and started crying that he wants to go to mummy in Ichaweri, Ruto had to control the guy, Ruto also says that in the culmination of the verdict, he had been telling Uhuru not...
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    Bahati ticket withdrawn again - True or false?

    How can they withdraw a ticket and already IEBC has already cleared him, can a party write to iebc and instruct them not to go forward to print ballot paper bearing the name/party symbol of particular candidate!
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    Kenya Lost 24 Years Just Like A Drug Addict Wastes His Youthfulness

    If Moi hadn't exited at 2002, Wajaluo would have been completed wiped out by HIV/AIDS by 2012,
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    UDAku MPs pass law to increase tax on beer, wines and spirits - they should all be kicked out

    All MPs in Nairobi county will be re elected with exemption to Korir, if u were elected in 2017 with jubilee, utarudi Na UDA same as ODM MPs nothing will change,
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    Is Mwangi wa Iria the Seer Many Ignored or Is He a Madman?

    He actually raised an important question, how can iebc claim that the signatures of the members he submitted were not genuine ilhali they don't have the said signatures databank to compare with, Chebukati was asked this question by a journalist akakwepa with an indirect answer
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    Rise and fall of uwesmake brand .

    Waturedio and Monoballer failed Anko when they were dishing out shares for Kijiji ownership, he had been the guy who brought traffic kwa Kijiji but he wasn't rewarded for his efforts, so he became demoralized and went under
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    The Incoming Muranga Senator - Hongera

    Mt.kenya elected representatives will be UDA, Jubilee, Narc Kenya, CCK then independent in that order, ODM will have 0 representative
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    Governor Alfred Mutua to vie for Mwala parliamentary seat

    Him being an MP is a plus, if Kenya Kwanza garner majority in parliament, he's assured of a chairman seat in some committee, he may be a chief whip, majority leader, he'll still be relevant on national issues, that's why Wetangula will still vie for senate
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    Death of a presidential candidate

    Plus when IEBC gazettes the presidential candidate, he/she a d running mate are entitled to full time security for themselves and homes by interior security for the three month period