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    supplying pigs

    Yes they are.
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    Explicit Marketers coming to the house

    No fair.. Atleast unge nunua kitu buana....
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    Toyota vanguard showing check engine and vsc lights on dashboard

    7 seats. It's a mtoyo. Mid size suv. (ground clearance)
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    Toyota going the Nokia way at hypersonic speeds

    Diversity is key...
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    Explicit Determining if a woman amefanya abortionn

    Hii ina patikana wapi?
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    supplying pigs

    Ukona his number?... I have 600 pigs ready..
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    President Uhuru Kenyatta should be impeached, former CJ Maraga says

    Better say something.. Than say nothing at all.... It's a start..
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    Hustler acquires 2,000 acre ranch in Narok and 10,000 acre ranch in Taveta

    Anyways.. Hope he would put as much effort in helping poor families..
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    Matatu hailing apps.

    Just needs much marketing.... Awareness.. And reliability...
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    If you don't see a problem here uko na shida

    No.. Problem is the grass isn't as gree as the building...
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    Depressing GDP figures

    Atleast we are out of the 1700s... Being positive..
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    MGTOWs kujeni mnielezee hii...

    Hio ilikua PR...
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    Matatu hailing apps.

    You have the link?
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    Which is the best car alarm/security product in the country?

    Steering / accelerator pedal / hand brake lock is the best...