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    Political mistakes of WSR

    Hapo ndio shida iko. Kura numbers sio problems. Kina raila fill stadiums, wanajiapisha, people wait for his words only but kura itoshi. To be Kenyan president sio mchezo. Remember 2013 Raila and Kalanzo were Prime Minister and Vice President na kura ikutosha. They were beaten by people on crimes...
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    Political mistakes of WSR

    Biggest problem for Ruto is not votes from Kenyans , kikuyu can vote for him man to man but his biggest threat is the underworld system. If that system reject him wholly kura itaibiwa. Even Raila told Ruto in January 'pray the people who steal my votes not to steal your votes come 2022' Even...
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    Banking and Financial Experts Please Help

    Boss, i will tell you something we received funds every month na the worst bank in rates ni Barclay's the best ni Equity. Open a dollar account in equity you wont regret juu its a formal office account huwezi kua unaenda Eastleigh kuchange pesa za ofisi. Another trick when you write proposal...
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    Football is a phenomena

    I like this celebration, majoni ni noma
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    Exhaust Brakes

    Imagine majamaa wakaenda vita ya shifta ya iveco. Frenno kilometer sita inaskika hawajui mbona wanapigwa ambush kila siku.
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    Chapo. For the love of 'shafashi'

    Kuna mchezo hapa na si mzuri:D:D:D:D:D
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    how a family shafted three major banks

    If hawa are the famous Kijunje family. They have flats hapo ngara i used to stay nikiwa Campo. Many flats in Eastlands. If its that Kijunje family then hao ni wakora kabisaa. One of his son was the pioneer owner of Club Edge in Moi Avenue. Maybe aliuza sijui but those boys na mzee wao ni wezi...
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    What regulations, government should NOT be a player in private business operations. Government work is to provide a conducive environment for business to thrive. Government should build roads, SGR, Airports but should not force people on what to use. You can't force people to use SGR, you cant...
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    Kuna rumor that, Mombasa port operations will be given to Chinese to run for them to recover their monies ya SGR na ICD will be given to a Dubai company in exchange of some loans.
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    CFS wanafunga biashara.
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    And this. It seems now you can't open a new branch of your business with a new address. Lazma watu watumie address ile iko kwa KRA PIN. Noma
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    @WuTang something is cooking. New memo leaked. Biashara inaanza kua ngumu
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    Thuraku betrayed #NiGutee!

    Interesting times, the same group who were ‘protecting’ businesses from protestors are now on the streets protesting against the government they were defending and the then protestors are watching calmly from home. What Kenyans fail to understand is; the system is never faithful!