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    Vision Plaza Robbed

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    haki usiwahi sema "hakuna pesa"

    Yea nothing else interesting here... Nothaaaaang.
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    Double blow

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    Forex Trading

    binary options robot
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    EPL Match Day 12 (Remember to place your predictions)

    For the Red devils, That match against West Brom is a must win. Wazza has to come back to his Lethal striking senses again. I am going for, Leceister Win - Vardy kawaida Manchester city away win- sterling yuko mtaa UTD home win- mighty martial...
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    Getting indexed by google

    Hello villagers, getting your blog/site indexed by google is termed by many as something that has to do with time and some even say you have to write a specific amount of words per post to get indexed. This is always an headache to many, including me when I started affiliate marketing with no...
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    Irony of life

    Very trueee
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    kungu the pilot

    hah a si mna memories,,, hii ni kijiji kweli
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    Masaibu ya chelsea...

    Just what is going wrong at Chelsea..?
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    Of torrentz and others...

    freedome.. freegate.. hotspot shield.. cybershetani.. just to name a few apps that will make that law a big joke..
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    Younger Women - My Nightmare with a Virgin

    :p:p:)a pu**y in hand is worth three out there...... (very true)
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    Nostradamus And Man United.

    what a coincidence...
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    sportpesa jackport

    boss si wewe ni gambler mwingine mzii, i mean....comonn.. hizo first 4 wins ungestake 1000 ingekupea over 50k!!!