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    Aina ya Watu where do you fall??

    Let the boy live menopausal old bitch and continue liking everybody's comments you lopsided dark hard knuckled attention seeking truck hoe . @KeleleZa Chura welcome and I'm a 530 person :D saw it on twitter yesterday
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    Luckily Zari is that mature lady

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    The Troll is Now A BlueHandle

    Gurl you better be careful of that pink handle yes the one liking all the shade comments about you and liking yours to seem mutual. She does to all pinkys who are lit in here, every pinky knows how she rolls.Stay woke and keep posting
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    Horny bosslady

    Your new so usidanganyiliwe huku:D:D:D usipeane any. Unless you want to be jobless by Tuesday
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    Advice Needed

    Yaaass and welcome to Ktalk as well
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    A typical day for a KTalk mod

    I know right smh
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    Advice Needed

    We want hekaya ya shiro. And welcome to ktalk :)
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    Guurrll I love chris too, he cute too
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    Noah's flood on a lazy Sunday afternoon

    Slow like your tired ass replys
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    Noah's flood on a lazy Sunday afternoon

    When 2 bitch ass niggas unite:D:D Are you done getting dicked or you need more lube :D
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    Aiiiii...pale deadbeats..Terogram

    She needs to look for me I show her how it's done .The niggah will never touch a lady again .
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    Noah's flood on a lazy Sunday afternoon

    Why do you call yourself black and your brown .Don't ask how I know :p
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    18+ NIZALIE

    It's just used to get you laid .Or the nigga old A.F and just wants kids.
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    Neffertities, Neffertities, Neffertities!.....

    Who is us and I should tell you as who ??? Drink some water and mind your cunt