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    Oscar Sudi atoboa

    OH really, what of Mulu Mutisya, Njenga Karume, Moi, Kariuki chotara na wengine
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    18+ Who knows this one

    Truecaller inasema namba ni ya Njoro
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    Car experts and Mechanics

    How now?
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    Sacco vs bank loans

    Bank gani boss. Tuchanue
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    2NK from Nakuru Thika

    You can't get to Thika from Nakuru. The furthest you can go is around Ngoingwa, then ujipange na nduthi
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    Nilimwona tao inakaa alirudi

    Ni nani?
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    Lock down mujipange..

    The letter was talks of thr vulnerable. Does it mean the rest of the society will have a way of evading this lock down
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    Water pump

    Be specific, kama ni kupandisha kwa gorofa, Pedrolo ya Davis and Shirtliff or whatever iko poa. Kama ni Irrigation, I've been using those Chinese 'lister' for the last five years na i can't regret
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    Cigarettes are quite cheap In Tz

    OK, I don't smoke and i detest smokers, me believe smokers suffer from low self esteem. But naona a packet of Marlboro goes for Ksh 200 online
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    18+ Malaika

    God made this one an exception
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    Tutadeposit cash kwa mpesa aje sasa
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    We Should Consider Changing School Starting Time

    Official school time in Kenya is, Monday to Friday - (a) 8.00a.m to 3.30 p.m. for class hours and (b) 3.30 p.m. to 4.45 p.m. for co-curriculum activities. Iyo ingine ni ujuaji ya walimu na wazazi.
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    Vsat providers

    Kwani ile kampuni ya Angloleasing, Gilat satellite ilienda wapi?
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    Where Did WE As Africans Go Wrong, Jameni?...

    the photo could be real but definitely that is NOT Kakamega, Kenya.