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    Millenials of Africa. Join the movement.

    Yes. wengine wanadhani nataka kuwaphish :eek::rolleyes:
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    Millenials of Africa. Join the movement.

    Guys, i only f**k with dope shit. support this blog below. really dope shit
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    Viagra, Cialis, Vega etc

    Nitawaletea hekaya murwa niwaradicalize wote muanze kupop pills pia
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    Viagra, Cialis, Vega etc

    Where can I buy any of these boner enhancers? And at how much? There is this mama I smash but she is very slow but has a very tight pu**y so its hard to make her cum repeatedly without being worried I'll bust fast. Tomorrow being a holiday, we wanna make it memorable and She has allowed me to...
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    I need help with online payment.

    Paypal, skrill can both process cards.
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    Make 30K in Three Days.............Guka's Prediction Lotto

    Raila 52.2% Uhuru 46.4%
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    Explicit I ferked a feminist.

    My d*ck was trying to trace a wick link in my zip to force an exit A gem right there. Great hekaya.
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    Boy, I hit it

    Cool story bro. But... Zeekea hapo
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    18+ Morning Breeze Homosexuality Debate on Uganda NBS TV (graphical explaination)

    So you'd be cool if your sn, his father or your father turned out to be gay?:rolleyes: f**k LBQTG or whatever they call themselves. saitan wote
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    Watu LG

    Nimemwitia Hessy Wa Kayole atapewa copper na Sosa yake
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    It’s the Drink, again.

    @upepo writes the way Biko thinks he writes. Nice read man!
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    Explicit Usiku Sacco

    How can this happen?? Never heard of this before
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    Savagest Meme Ever

    I don't know what to make of this especially after noting its actually her right arm that's gone. Could this be a deeper joke we don't get ? Really hope it is :(