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    Pastoralism is not sustainable especially with climate change. The pastoralist communities should be encouraged to embrace agriculture. Eg sorghum
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    An interesting read: Cytonn has gone public :-|

    I know they have money to build the apartments and houses but the question is will they get people to buy them? Already there is a slowdown in high end real estate. How will they sell the properties?
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    Where the *** is the campaign money?

    Spoke to a guy who does branding and he told me t shirts printing went to china.
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    Bitange Ndemo meets Dr. David Ndii.

    I admire both writers but i find ndii more analytical than ndemo in that he gives numbers and explains using numbers. Ndemo on the other hand seems to understand the psychology of the people better.
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    @Okiya (and Others)................

    how did he make the 3 million. maybe he should continue with whatever he is/was doing.