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    Guka wa Inooro

    cuguo niekumenya!
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    Guka wa Inooro

    Hi Talkers, ive posted this under S&R coz of different queries regarding gikuyu relations. Gikuyu oigire kirira ni urathoni. many of you are from time to time asking about different Gikuyu rites and practices. Be it regarding uthoni, unduire witu agikuyu, mitugo na miikarire iitu and a thousand...
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    #RoysambuSexSymbol #AlphaMale #SexySexer #LeoNiLeo

    the things idiots do to remain relevant!!!!!
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    Marital Advice

    ok, so @slevyn, after letting her win an argument which I can equate to a battle, how then do you as the man win the war?
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    Centum Postpones 2 Rivers Mall

    twenty plus malls around nairobi and still some are coming up. the problem must have is the lack of an anchor tenant, mostly super markets like naivas, tuskys or the frail nakumatt which increase customer traffic but even for some of those that have like shujaa mall, the rest of the space is...
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    Meet Gladys Shollei – Former chief registrar of the judiciary – Dairy Empire

    what do you mean? that they have loots to stash away into farming? I think not
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    mafisi sacco link on telegram

    pea hii toto jinga kiti @pamba
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    hehe, lacoste ama sumu? next time shukia hapa jeska magic tukunywe supu ya kativoi tukicheka ujinga wa @iamagothicbutthole na tusafishe macho na za @omera
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    Nathaniel left me again

    you scum of the earth, you deserve all your kind.
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    Nathaniel left me again

    just who's this bloody fag???
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    Inooro FM

    wazi swallow
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    Inooro FM

    @meriamata, when does this guka come on air?
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    Tako Thirsday side B

    taftieni hii nv kiti iko na balcony ya cactus. meffi ata picha imeweka yake!!!!
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    AfroJiri SACCO

    good morning swallow saliva et all
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    Disgusting! See how they raise their kids

    @karema-hitI ni findeo wendete wee