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    The Case of Mpango wa Kando

    In Africa, we say the dead should be respected. We actually have the audacity to close our businesses and ask for leave to bury a someone and never to check on a living sick person. rumor has it that the Late Jomo Kenyatta, the founding father of Kenya left some very clear instructions to the...
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    Queensway Money ( Juicy details)

    even if genuine they are still in trouble with KRA. Am sure it is dirty money.
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    Africa Would Be Better of Colonized Again

    This is the mentality we are against. Victim mentality. Why couldn't the Africans resist the interference by the Europeans? Why couldn't we sail to other continents and colonize them? Why can't we interfere with the politics of western nations? The person who rides on your back does so because...
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    Africa Would Be Better of Colonized Again

    @HacktivistT I agree with you. Africans we are beyond redemption unless our genes mutate over time. Just recently in the 20th century, Europe suffered from both the 1st and Second world war but managed to recover fully. The Eastern Europe countries that broke from the USSR also encountered nasty...
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    Which song is that?

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    Jubilee development..

    Boss, angalia hizo nguo Murkomen amevaa hapo nyuma na kofia, the same he was wearing when yapping yapping jana.
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    Jubilee development; Somali border wall almost complete

    Wenye walipewa tender ya kusupply hizo building materials wako somewhere wanaponda mali pole pole wakingojea next deal
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    Single mothers have the last laugh

    biashara ya kucheck DNA wanukishe kitungu pia
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    Opening a Duka (Kiosk)

    Duka depends on three things 1. Stock-people will buy from you if you have variety and quantity...raia hawapende duka iko malnourished 2. Shop attendant-kama ni wewe utauza make sure you are friendly to customers. ukiandikana ole wako, lazima uibiwe 3. Location-foot traffic lazima, kinoo sounds...
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    Older age driving lessons

    ukienda AA unapewa a different license kwani? Ama kuna certificate of completion, merit or participation?
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    Suraya: Has the property bubble finally burst?

    Banda homes ndio walijua stratrgy ya the middle class. charge 1.5m deposit, balance in 2 years. Houses cost an average of 5m. banda gets profit of about 1m per deal.
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    My Wife's Ex

    Trust me, if your wife meets the ex, atachunishwa skuma upende usipende....women have a strong connection with first love. Kubali tu a competitor is in town. The best thing to do is to be also jovial. take you wife out kesho and give her some crazy sex. Otherwise, ukifura you give her more...
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    No Biometrics during census. Duale must be excited by this

    Why not use the census to issue Huduma namba and collect the biometrics?
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    Kutafutia Familia

    kidogo...uskie mimba.....kidogo uskie abortion....kidogo uskie complications,....kidogo uskie major scandal.