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    JTL finally came through, but.....

    Buy the 30Mbps and become a sucking reseller too!
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    Susan Namu opens up about her leaked nudes

    Tukumbushwe hizo nudes tafadhali
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    What is this jameni?

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    DJ Joe Mfalme quits Capital FM

    Ameshiba za private gigs...he doesn't need to be employed
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    What is this jameni?

    Kunywa Blue Ice Vodka uone wakibadilika wote wakue wasupa:D
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    Crb negative listing

    What do you mean? Since helb has listed me they will remove my name after five years even if I do not repay?
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    Prime bank robbery

    Those ladies recording wangeita police mapema maybe response would have been quick. Otherwise, robber should dump their phones and go offline for several months.
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    Naivasha - Hotels

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    Saf Home Fibre issues

    call 400 and tell them to give you bundles when the fiber network is down. Utatumiwa 10gb.
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    Jubilee Development... Modern Rail Transport

    Actually, the amount spent on SGR up to suswa was enough to modernize the entire railway network from Mombasa to Busia, Nairobi to Nanyuki, and the Nairobi metropolitan network. It was excessively inflated. Watu walikula na kijiko ya serving!
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    Profiling Lawrence Waruinge

    You have touched on psychology and that has made me thinking too. What if the boy also had Dissociative identity disorder. I do not know if what happens in the movie split is real. Could it be that his other personality he becomes a "monster" that can scale up walls and take on the average human...
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    Explicit advice needed

    Ulikosea sana kaka kujaribu kufuga kunguru....How can you maintain a mwoman hajakuzalia, mjaoana, na ujalipia dowry. Wacha hizo kaka!
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    Swali kidogo for those who know

    Specialists will go and do work related to their profession in the military strictly. GSO cadets will be absorbed in the various units and offered training where necessary. For example, some will join airforce and be trained as pilots.
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    Which is better

    Depends where you shagz is located. I would recommend 1 for the central region shags where land is scarce and people have developed generally. No. 2is conservative and good for those interior places where your family will not have to attract unnecessary attention from the villagers.
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    I like your thinking....if we can get "A point system" that is beyond reproach, this can be the best governance model.