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    Asking a local club to pay 500k a night is not possible. This guy performs in small Mugithi clubs in small towns and Nairobi Suburbs. But he can get the 1.5m with corporate gigs.
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    DJ Moh a free man

    mawaiters sio celebs. Hata wale DJs kawaida hawafai kupewa only "Top rated DJs."
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    DJ Moh a free man

    The gun was hidden under his Tshirt, its only that he stretched up his arms and the photographer had a rare chance of capturing it. In normal posture, the gun would be out of sight. Top DJs deserve a gun. They work in risky environments, especially reggea DJs like Moh Spice. They finish their...
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    Jubilee Development - Outer Ring Road -Thika Road Interchange

    It's ironical that this interchange will take a shorter time to complete compared to the foot bridges under construction from Garden City to Jomoko Thika. The constructors doing the foot bridges are jokers.
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    Francis Kimanzi

    Kimanzi can perform if he is facilitated and the FKF cronies keep away from team selection politics. He understands the kenyan players very well and has several years of experience both at club and national level. Lakini tukubali football is not our game. The best we can do is to beat the small...
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    Francis Kimanzi

    Ghost anakula mzuri kwa radio. Kazi ya 6 to 10 am with no stress.
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    US police

    CIA-NIS HOMELAND SECURITY-ATPU FBI-DCI SHERRIF OFFICE-AP NYPD-Kanjo askari MARSHALS-border patrol unit DEA-Anti-narcotic unit
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    I hate my wife

    jifanye umesota kabisa uone akijiondoa....ata kama uko works siku moja kuja umwambie kuna workmate uliguarantee loan na amedefault na kuenda missing, so unakatwa mshahara karibu nusu. Kama ni materialistic aka gold digger atajitoa mbio sana.
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    Making money online

    Which are the best products to market on YouTube?
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    Making money online

    Somebody here once posted a good survey site that requires VPN to use. Kuna talker alikua amelemewa na maisha and he was given the link to try. I have looked for that site nimekosa.
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    wow...following keenly then
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    Fiction or True story?
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    DPP orders arrest of Tycoon Kariuki and other directors of Wow beverages/African Spirit

    Will the DPP manage to bring down billionaire Humphrey Kariuki?
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    In aza nyews

    wamama siku hizo wamezoea CS delivery had normal births seems like a "miracle."
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    I Was Molested Nikiwa Boy School .

    Chunishwa Anonymous