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    Jubilee Development - Construction of the 16.7Km Western bypass road has started.

    Good move. But Eastern and Northern by-passes need to be dual carriages. From Canabas to Kihunguro ifanywe dual carriage and from Kihunguro to Ruaka. Otherwise kutakua na crazy bottle-necks.
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    Late breakfast

    This stuff is boiled for hours. Very tender meat and well cooked.
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    Who knows the motive of these killings?
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    Senior Govt Official Who Deposited Ksh1M Daily for 7 Months

    Kenya tutajionea vituko
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    Obiri wins Manchester marathon.

    our banana powered gal...kudos
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    Liverpool doesn't need to win epl

    Small clubs worry about the money. Big clubs go for the glory. They have the money already. Glory will attract money eventually.
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    CBA - YAYA CENTER..Nimeoshwa Mecho Properly

    meff....leta efff-dence!
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    IFMIS Was Hacked & Fake Financial Data Inserted

    IFMIS iko na loopholes that can exploited by people at both county and national government. It's true a big scandal is cooking but Gatheca will tell his dogs(DCI, EACC na DPP) to cheza chini amalizie term yake kwanza.
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    New Tahiti club

    baseline ilifungwa
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    New Tahiti club

    kitambo tulikua naingia hapo kuchapa vikombe kadha tukichafua macho na malaya momo jicho nyanya zimezeeka before tupande hapo tahiti kusafisha macho na malap dance
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    life is what you make it

    i try telling my son hivyo lakini mamake anaona kama namtupanisha. Life is quite dynamic. The good grades will not always guarantee financial success. Reunion ya high school index 1 to 10 walikataa kutokezea coz ya aibu.
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    New Tahiti club

    Shida unatoka hapo downtown unapata umengojewa hapo Luthuli na karao. Anakuuliza "kichana umekula malaya ngapi? umetoga kusika matiti hugo chini?, tuwachie ya macho basi au tuete landrover"
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    NIS hiring process

    @Roxxyhawk nakuona
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    Katanuka pale Iran

    Business is core, politics and security also key interests. US knows that if they allow Iran to be supreme in the middle east, they will lose political bargaining power. They also don;t want Iran to make the weapons, support terrorism and pose a threat to the west. Actually, US supported Iran's...
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    Katanuka pale Iran

    Trump dismissed the JCPOA and Iran expects more sanctions to come their way to force them to abandon their nuclear programs. They have been preparing for both the sanctions and military offence. US will have a very nasty conflict if they decide to attack Iran directly.