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    Kenya is BROKE!

    Watu wajifunze kupambana na hali yao ... ni hayo tu.
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    This is huge :Trump blacklists Xiaomi

    At this rate Trump may end up blacklisting is own darn ass.
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    CIA releases UFO Footage as required by Law

    Logically you would think if their was a continent that a vessel from outer space would want to land, it would be Africa, especially by the vast sahara desert. But somehow they always choose some place in the deep mid-west ..of the America's. Just wondering. When doin an insertion behind enemy...
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    Illuminati feminists to feature at senile Biden's inauguration

    Heshimu Lady Gaga nanii... tusikosane bure. Nugu
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    The Man Ruto

    Shida yako na wakalenjin ni nini ... jifunze kuheshimu lugha ya maziwa .. bloody nugu
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    Naskia amekimbilia Kakamega.
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    Hustler wave is real-Raila learns the hard way

    Man we Kenyans are fucked up beyond belief (fubb/fubbed). No sane Kenyan nigger should have time to go participate in this sort of political bullshit. Alafu munalia "dynasty" crap. Up in my neck o' hood all the original native landowners have a bare minimum of 50 hectares yet the land is...
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    A simple explanation as to why Hollywood as a whole is STRONGLY against President Trump.

    Don't matter. Heshimu "commando" .. nugu hii
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    Hii sio uchokozi?

    Hii mama lazima ilikuwa kitu safi ajab Siku zake. Anyway ile kuma sisi tunatambua ni ya Malaya peke yake so ..is aight.
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    Bhang for BBI, Blue Moon for Dry Frying Older Women HKM, Man Stuns Court

    Watu wajifunze kuheshimu Satan.
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    Nani Kama Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru....?

    Lakini hii story ya bursary ni all messed up. My mom always gets my nieces and nephews bursary funding and they give it to her without fail tho' she is one of the biggest landowners in her constituency and among the wealthiest. Totally undeserving ..
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    Abba arrested

    I own several assorted weaponry at my ranch na sisumbui.
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    Museveni shuts down social media.

    Hii ndio last term ya M7 .. The next smart thing for him to do would be do negotiate a retirement package and guaranteed safety for him, his family and wealth just like Moi but I doubt that's his style. He will probably try to prop up his son by all means necessary. This is just the beginning...
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    ndio na roast supper

    Die matha'fucker Die ...
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    Speaking English Fluently is a Competitive Advantage

    Sisi watu wa Ivy league schools hatunanga hizi shida ndogo ndogo.