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    Potential Killer/Murderer on our roads

    Tulishaa ona
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    Daylight robbery

    Daylight robbery is Here, boy shaold, before you buy her a drink in a restaurant plz take her to the tap,ask her to wash the face and clean with an handcachief avoid morning heartattack juu ulilala na Rihana umeamka na shirandulaaaa
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    Caldina 2006 issue

    YouTube is your friend
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    Late nyt poll

    For what purpose
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    Salon: Kufungua roho na Gilbeys.

    Good luck finding this kind,
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    Central Bank warns investors against Bitcoin

    There’s no law against parting a fool and his money
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    domestic violence in usa

    Hasira hasara watajua maana ya land of freedom
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    After 120 + days Aunt Flow is in the area

    Mke wako akinyesha unakuja kutuambia, jifunze kutunza siri katika ndoa.
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    What car problems are you going through?

    Most of these problems can be fixed on your own with just a little research and the right tools. Always remember Safety comes first, and YouTube is your friend.
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    Okuyu lady and Baba Shiko

    Marriage is not for the faint hearted, if you think there is a good woman in this world then you are a big fool.
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    JamiiForums is tracking me. See attached Evidence.

    Are you in Tanzania? Because if you are they already have everything they need
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    You’re treating me like a fucking Black person

    Being black is dangerous
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    Now... this is beautiful!

    Real men don’t watch pornographic content
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    Volvo Truck Breaking

    And it’s loaded with 40 tones, maximum respect