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    nani hajui

    Good weed actually needs a lot of care, labor and inputs
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    auctioneers at mwalo city...

    You can only keep up a lie for so long
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    Is God sometimes unfair?

    He will be rewarded later, death and pain can be undone
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    Maana from Heaven

    Were you about to sacrifice your only child?
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    Tidying up with Marie Kondo

    I don't like that idea of sparking joy when touched, i mean is there scientific principles behind this or is it some feeling based on the amount of blood sugar at the time of touching, or hormones. Otherwise i appreciate being tidy.
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    18+ Jeff Bezos leaked dic pics

    I got them on the dark web, enjoy
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    Kori S1E4

    People should watch more crime documentaries, this is amateur stuff
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    Sup pals?

    Pals ni wewe na watu wenyu
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    Message to my baby daddy

    Niaje gatwiri
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    Katana zimejaa amazon, just ship na customs wakikuita useme ni decoration
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    Suzuki Jimny is coming to Kenya

    Jimny ime copy Jeep na defender kwa looks
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    Suzuki Jimny is coming to Kenya

    Suzuki Jimny will be the next big thing, everyone wants a capable off-road vehicle but the likes of g-wagon, wrangler, land cruiser and defender which is out of production are out of reach price wise. The Land Rover defender had a good thing going but with production ceasing and the redesign...
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    Afrojiri Sacco

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    Gunshots at gatanga Road Lavington

    Umekua ukitomba bata aisee
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    Luwere x4