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    sawa sawa thanks ,let me give it a try.
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    Nimeclick, but my question is do i have to order from outsise wherever they are or they have a local agent
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    On the advert there are no local contacts.
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    Any leads would be much appreciated,i need a few pairs.
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    Hii kiatu
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    KDM ni wapi?
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    How can i get the shoe being advertised on that New Chic web
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    So they will go drying..... that's a good thing it will create jobs for fresh and productive blood, that the gavament needs so much to turn around the economy.
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    What happens to those working in gavament?
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    Fans of GOT

    Btwn, what happened to the series, is it was stopped suddenly on episode 7.
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    Jubilee Development - Inspecting construction works of Sigiri Bridge in Budalangi Busia

    One thing i like about the duo is that they seam to love what they do.Theirs is a perfect combination.
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    In many countries you will find that when they are fasting most pork joints are closed, you get to wonder who are the customers
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    Jinsi ya kula nyama wenzako wakimeza mate

    Na hapo kuna watu watalilia kwa choo.
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    one of those things that one opts to stay neutral

    I only the knew how to make interlocking brick their livelihood would be improved immensely.