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    Malaria vs COVID-19

    I think this panic on COVID-19 is brought by it's highly contagious nature and the fact of no cure and a vaccine yet to be realized, not the death toll. The same case was with EBOLA but soon it was contained, it lost our attention though it's still there.
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    Issuance of Good Conduct certificates suspended..

    kwani hujui people "mass" attend those hearings?
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    18+ Ms Surelle

    Corona should have been directed to specific heads
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    Lockdown with our economy at it's worst levels. hapa ndio subsistence farmer atachekea nyinyi
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    18+ Mali ya OCS

    Alaa :D:D:D
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    Is it just me?

    Couldnt finish reading as from number 3. Mediocre tupu
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    Kwa wale wanataka kunukisha utunguu online .Start here

    unaeza nirushia link inbox if you know of any
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    Kwa wale wanataka kunukisha utunguu online .Start here

    Darkweb ilinichosha na cp.. paediophiles every where. And talking of clone CC, I'd wish to know kama huwa legit ama ni scam
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    Mr Adibas juu chini

    Vile panyaste, sperminator, swagmargeddon na some say wamesema
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    Of Ktalkers Who Insult People's Mothers here [Let's Discuss]

    Mnaharibu heshima ya wazee
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    Ms excel

    R and the latest Julia baba lao.. Excel wachia secretaries