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  • Of course it was meant to be. Dont give up! Rush and take it ! without thinking twice!
    Fall in love with the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Almighty and your life will define the word "Blessing"
    K-talkers... MALACHI CHAPTER 3 VERSE 10... Hii Pesa iko Hapa ni ukweli kapsaaar!! ♪Naona Mambo ikibadilika♪ Usiwachwe mtuwangu!!
    Make the Scripture and The Word Of GOD your Monalisa ; Let the Holy Spirit take over your life and His favour will always be upon You!!!
    The Sabbath is here... A day to Rush for blessings as the Heavenly gates are widely opened ™★©
    You were born to get what u want. Break em limits as your abilities and posibilities are limitless....
    NKT!! These phones dialing themselves in ua pocket. U take your phone out nd u find uv abused ua mum, ur back with ur ex, jahazi umeokoa nkt
    Fat men last 5 minutes longer in bed than slim men due to the fat in their stomach... hiyo mafuta kwa kitambi kumbe uwa stamina hehehh!
    FALCAO 2 FC.Porto>they finish 4th; 2 A.madrid they finish 4th; 2 Monaco;they finished 4th; 2 Man United;they finished 4th; 2 Chelsea???
    LOL. sonko is loosing it.. In his website sonko resuce team he has an article ati "why scientists should clone sonko"... wazimu tupu.
    Your imagination, potential, ability and the possibility of the outcomes knows ZERO LIMITS ! Be what you wanna B !
    Breaking News; PS4 can now be cracked, hacked and chipped !kumbe it was just a matter of time? Hizi vitu hazikosangi ujanja !!
    whatever man made can be taken apart
    i dnt use ps hata cjui ime hackiwa ndio mabao ifungwe ama nini
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