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  • Man-U vs club brugge in champions league playoffs. the last time they met was in 1957 where man-u raped brugge 10-0 bwahahaha
    God chose you. yes you! stop living in a world of excuses because you are wasting his power !
    The bible is harsh. Ati Bastards are kids born outta wedlock who wont see heaven? Shida ni ya mtoi ama mzazi?
    Mix weed and peanut butter and heat it in a microwave. Spread dat shit on the bread then eat it all up,,, O.M.G ! STONED AS FUUUUUUCK !
    Hey guyz, 4 free saf airtime; dial *896# then answer all those questions (choose Guiness) then safcom will give u free airtime.
    watu wangu wa POTUS (presidents of the usiku sacco) today we're going strong! kwenye Handas hadi che!
    Thank u 4 callin Mollis, Mollis wl take ua call shortly. Did u know that Mollis is an English name called out by ladies wen they sallender?
    Auuuwiiii,,, I sullender from slim sheddies; meme ni #Team_Momo sasa!! Waaah! What a f**k!!!
    wacha ubaguzi ya pu**y; kuna mwanaume in a prison somewhere who would even wank to her boobyz uyo mwenye utaki hehehh!!
    OMG.... Soap Opera ya wanaume officially kicks off on 2nd August 2015... MANCHESTER UNITED ALL THE WAY.. GGMU!
    without forgiveness you wont see the kingdom of GOD... forigve forgive and forgive!!!
    Ushawai stedi ukajipiga kawasaki amd made it worse? yaani ile Taki inataka tuu #pu**y… meeeooowwwww! hehehe!
    @Anto codes gani hizo? Ebu please weka email niku-beep tujue rada ni gani hapo! Seems like a goldmine.
    Sb gv me the procedure in exchange ya codes.
    coes za data ya ngapi?
    Dope ass series by The Rock.... "Ballers" is its name. Ya'll should take a peek at it.
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