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  • k-talkers si mna chuki? Julies' Ululation iko 2 sawa on point. Thats how we Africans welcome our guests. Ukienda ocha ukaribishwangi hivo???
    hehehh!! POTUS OBAMA you cant prevent the Presidents_Of_The_Usiku_Sacco (POTUS) from kulewa, veve na Roots/Reggea hadi che!!!
    LOL,, wajaluo naona mkichizi. ati the next pope is going to cum from LUO NYANZA? hii k-talk mnavutanga nini bana hahaha!!!
    Hey guyz; in silicon valley tv series why does Russ keep ignoring Erlich Bachmann? Hii madharau imezidi
    If u've watched the movie called "limitless" and u want that pill that makes u a genius; its called "ADDIUM" check and buy it online guyz!
    have you used it yourself?
    Scientists have proven life after death... there is GOD.. google scientist prove life after death.!!!!
    Wa! ati the tycoons who control the global fashion industry as in those who decide vile watu watang'ara are g** Men..Noma sana hii!
    Scientist discover a New Galaxy and name it after Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) called Cosmos Redshift 7… wow!!!!!
    LOL__ #stolen; I have a lot of respect for girls who date older men. Where do they get the strength to unzip SAVCO jeans? just asking!!!
    Lol ati that awkward moment when a nyeri lady is acting porn and the director says ; "cut" "cut" LMFAO
    Hahaha!! you may have an ex gal, boy, wife husband but the ALMIGHTY GOD will NEVER EVER be your ex__ be blessed k-talkers!!!
    Jesus said forgive 70*7 times i.e 490. you can never forgive 490 times in your lifetime and if you do so SHIDA NI WEWE; SIO WENYE UNASAMEHE
    LOL__ati GOVT is busy recruiting police with (D+) while Alsha-babes are recruiting Jihadists with (A) who graduated with 1st class honors!!
    hahaha, the funniest kijiji EVER! i luv u guyz; i wanna hump you, i wanna kiss, blow, suck, dwy fwy HKM, bang and cum on ya!
    @meriamata ati unadai email za nene tena? kwani unapeana FTA za sare na sina copy ama? ni-apply?
    madem hutubeba aje? yaani ukinipe nyap lazima nikulipe rent, nikubaie laptop,,aiiish! kwani wewe hukuskia utamu?
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