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    Kijiji Mechanic

    Muandikishe DT Dobie training school. Expensive but worthy investment. He'll be set for life na huko mornings ni class, afternoons workshop
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    Watu Walitumia Modina Kufeni Kukuku

    This is outright irresponsible and admin should pull it down. Anti vaxers are a disgrace to the world. Moderna is one of the most effective vaccines there are and has saved many lives. Cherry picking isolated thinking then broadcasting it as main stream opinion is like taking a tree and saying...
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    Why do so many kenyans work in Somalia ?

    Somalis have an inflated sense of self importance whereas they have not contributed anything meaningful to the world. In terms of business, they are nothing more than ordinary nomadic traders who like businesses with a lot of money changing hands but very little in terms of actual accumulation...
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    Kenya is sparsely populated

    The population is a direct reflection of the relief map of Kenya
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    Back to the dark times-subaru owner

    Standard Newspapers says he never made it
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    Nissan Juke

    It's actually a good car. Get the 2 liter engine and enjoy. Just make sure you get a good mechanic to do a thorough check before ununue
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    2014 BMW X1 E84

    True. Kwanza on a long journey na you have to carry passengers, it's not funny. Legroom is crap na utaendesha gari kama midget
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    Butchery secret

    Have you ever wondered why butcheries have deep freezers? They live it to chill overnight and thereafter, it takes a while for the meat to regain/reach room temperature
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    You won't see this on CNN. ONLY blacks shot by Police matter.

    Enyewe. Huyu msee Patco has the IQ of a plant. You are a black man worshipping whites. Sii basi upanue mkundu wakudinye daily. Mbwa hii. And this is a Kenyan site. We are black and dont worship whites. I think your brains and balls zimejaa unga ya kutengeneza Patco tuu. Honestly I don't think I...
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    No need for all this. Just invest in an AVS and a contactor un the mains. Will protect the whole house
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    Court Ruling- Why BBI Reggae was not a popular initiative

    Hio ndio summary. Ruling is 317 pages as attached
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    An old kunguru trying to make a comeback.

    Rubbish. When meeting in a public restaurant, how is that unsafe? Simp detected. Kama hakuji akunywe mbili, tuende nyumbani nigonge hizo vitu, atafute college boys kama nyinyi akufanyishe PE ya ufala. pu**y is all over. Why bother with a bitch with attitude and used up pudesh
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    how much these shoes?

    Boss. The shop has to pay for rent, employee salaries, feed the owner and his wife, pay taxes and still give the owner a profit. Unataka afanye kazi ya upuzi. If you can import, do so but leave the man to run his business
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    Saidia with contacts

    Wakamba South B na Nairobi West
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    Car paint

    Full paint job ya saloon wanaanzia mangapi?