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    What if they all resign

    Watu wa lootall yu behave like new vehicle owners!. Its yu like yu just inherited the world.
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    Rentals - Syokimau
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    Top 3 beasts

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    GAS Cartels

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    NEW Mastertips in town

    i found this awesome site. you buy virtual coins from the site and you unlock hidden VIP tickets
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    RIP. Muthuri Wa bata. Shine on yua way.
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    Cheki Landlord fala sana

    Ingekuwa Mimi. I do import of kunguni za kayole. Watahama hio plot. Issue solved. Then disinfect.
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    Githeri Man has been found

    On citizen TV. With jimmy gathu
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    Poor Wanjigi Sossion etc

    How do u goddess someone?
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    Guka we need yua wisdom. Dumu
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    When and how did you learn to drive?

    Was not a fan of motoring. Uber changed things (evindu bichenjanga) DL Kuletewa Took my First Uber(axio) on Test Drive. The rest is History, Nimegongwa Thika Rd. as of now Uber No 3. Driving is simple. Concentration ndio Muhimu.
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    Uber Kadogo

    Uber Go. Uber's New Low Cost Product? Also available in Mumbai
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    Official Jubilee Party Nominations Elections Results

    Embakasi Central - Incumbent John Dirash - Out only one incumbent MCA in - Abdi Guyo. We respect the wish of the people