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    Polyandry manenoz

    Wouldn't mind such an arrangement...
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    What's happening to Cardbury?

    Holy f**k!
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    Happy holidays everyone.

    Happy holidays everyone.
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    How do I stop smoking, drinking & snorting cocaine?

    Chukua leave from work, check yourself into rehab.. And face your demons, all of em.. With the help of a psychiatrist. The time you take away from those toxic people, and with a reasonable, rational voice in your ear, things just might turn around for you.
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    1,6 and 7 for me...
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    Ukinyimwa coomer kwako..?

    Bora usirape mtu..
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    Kayole! Kumenuka!

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    Ulevi sacco.....

    Hehe... Sawa boss... Lakini those fuckers(ulcers) are brutal..
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    Ulevi sacco.....

    Knew someone, who had that issue ya ulcers... Guy bled to death... Puking blood...
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    Gunia Wiki Hii: Doltress & Gabbana

    :D:D:D Usikojoe hapa.. hara... :D:D:D
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    Sleeping while Music is playing

    Yes when classical music is playing...
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