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    A Biography of My Most Infamous Dent

    nikiwa fm 2,got involved with a certain group dat had tatoos kwa left hand biceps,tatoo ya kuchorwa using hot iron wire..
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    Jambo Kenya

    hapo ni yard ya lochab opposite apm terminal na ni past mabati company msa
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    Mombasa cbd

    kuna agood massage parlour in nyali next to kenya riffle base
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    Ndani kwenye keja ya boiz

    mwizi wa picha za zukaberger..
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    Kasarani Guys How Do You Survive

    my pal was drugged in Red office na aka lost his wallet with some thousands,mobile fone n cars keys,uzuri he din't park the car in the same vicinity he was drinking.frm dat day he usually walks with his openers na hakunywi beer using the clubs glass na waiter huwa hufungui the beer,ni self...
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    How I lost 13000 to olx scam yesterday

    also another con game was of powerbank when there were pal bought one which have led lights at Luthuli avenue for 4k.after 2days power haicharge,alipofungua ndani alipata six AA battery zimearrange poa..
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    Westgate Vs. Dusit D2

    other news stated that USA economist were to hold conference at dusitD2 but changed the meeting to gemsuites hotel last minute
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    Someone shoot me in the face

    taking a child to good daycare enable the child to be social with other children.afadhali mtoto ashinde daycare akiplay with other children than kupatiwa piriton syrup alale ndio asidisturb the maid..
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    Active Shooting at Dusit Park Riverside

    Help victims of the Westlands attack by donating blood. Enter code NBODONATE & get 2 free Uber rides to Avenue, M.P. Shah, Aga Khan & Kenyatta Hospitals.
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    Active Shooting at Dusit Park Riverside

    ile gateway car imelipuka,, security concern
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    private investigator

    osungu dlll
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    private investigator

    the wife is a civil servants
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    private investigator

    .this guy with help of his close cops cornered the familiar face at a certain event,after interrogation ndio ali reveal he was a private investigator hired by the wife frm a period of 6 weeks
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    if u get a nice location,then consider security , also invest in a fridge for storage of cool drinks na pia weka popcorn
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    private investigator

    no,she is frm the atheletic community.