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    South Korean PM to visit Tanzania

    Hey Asshole nobody cares!..
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    McDonald's Says Goodbye Cashiers, Hello Kiosks

    And why should we as Kenyans care?
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    Shitholez manenoz

    And why should we care?
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    Huyo ni pedophile he was feeling out her breasts with his thumb... fucked up shit
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    Accident Alert: MMNN

    The only dangerous thing about marijuana is getting caught with it, bangi iwe huru pombe ipigwe marufuku
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    Walevi Sacco -Jumia Offer

    Half of those beers are expired I reckon
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    Uhuru's new Aide-de-camp from the navy

    Yaani lieutenant colonel mzima anafanya kazi ya body guard
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    BigPlayer - Kenya hottest Online interactive betting games

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    These phone models have highest failure rate...

    Tecno ni brand poa
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    Was Sonko denied a photo op with Obama?

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    DPP Noordin Haji KPLC purge

    Time yao itafika most probably investigation bado inafanywa sai
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    Cameroon Shithole Chronicles

    Meanwhile his soldiers are killing women and children
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    DPP Noordin Haji KPLC purge

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    Prophet Owuor Followers & Crazy Things

    Owuor Claims that You Can get to Heaven ONLY through HIM