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    More Fuel For The Fire: Man Shot Dead By Police In Louiseville. IKO SHIDA!!

    Those are thugs taking advantage, they should drop some bombs in the ghettos washike adabu
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    What's next in 2020?

    Nothing will happen get on with your life
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    Photos of exhausted Tanzanians after typing A WHOLE PARAGRAPH in English

    I don't like the bongolalas mofos but mocking them since they are not fluent in the colonisers language that is just stupid. Tanzania is one of the few African countries proud of their native language
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    Kibera Lockdown is coming.

    Recipe for chaos
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    Parallel Universe found?

    Like what?
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    Parallel Universe found?

    This is just pseudoscience
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    The best President of Africa....see the comments all over the world. The icon of Africa

    Rare pic of magufool akiwa uncircumcised little boy
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    Did u know business is like gambling

    Depends on your goals in life some people are very comfortable with their jobs afanye kazi till retire then aende ocha kulima and others want more
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    Fake news: Magufuli did not close the border with Kenya:

    Bongolala enda ukatombwe matako na magufool ufeel poa
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    Magufool has single digits IQ like a goat
  11. john_doe is very much on:Two Kenyan Journalists Investigating Covid-19 Arrested in Tanzania

    Why would someone with a sane mind go to TZ especially at a time like this?
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    2022 NI ZAMU YA JALUO AU TRIBE INGINE..WE ARE TIRED OF KIKUYU... babu Odinga are there???

    Bongolala you sound like a retarded offspring of your president magufool
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    18+ Safisha Macho Twins edition

    Leta picha ya that land whale you call a wife we compare