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    Feminism vs gravity..Guess who won?

    Upuzi. As an engineer i have worked with very competent female engineers
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    help network speeds

    coverage ya safaricom fibre imefika wapi in nairobi
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    Wadau hapa vipi?

    Hii ni ile job ulipata sep last yr? umeipeleka faster faster
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    Anti-Prostitute repellant?

    wewe na mbuzi hakuna tofauti
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    Jamhuri High School. What is actually happening.

    Usituletee upuzi muslims = terrorists
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    Bullies Gor mahia complain of being bullied in Tunisia

    What an irony when bullies get a taste of their own medicine C&P Outraged Kenyans want Esperance punished for harassing Gor By Jacob Icia For Citizen Digital Updated on: 1615, March 19, 2018 (EAT), It was a charged atmosphere in Tunis with Gor players having to get police...
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    Putin is putin' in votes

    Wachana na propaganda ya US chieth. Putin should rule for the next 100 years
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    Ghost Town in Angola and soon in other African cities

    But Luanda city is the most expensive city to live in Africa where average rent goes for $10,000 or more
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    Choking to death HELP

    @Deorro you are choking us with ads the site now looks like a cheap porn site hata kama unataka kitunguu inuke this is too much
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    This is what average Chinese think of blacks marrying Chinese women.

    They are just butt hurt since the women there are not enough for them to marry and these African brodas are bagging some of them while many Chinese men remain bachelors
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    Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer!!!

    Damn cap stopping thanos
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    Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer!!!

    Absolutely beautiful, the movie should be like 4 hours long thrre is a lot going on
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    Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer!!!

    nope she wont be in the movie
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    We should also have ktalk whores show featuring the ugly whore georgina makende
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    Wreso ni real?

    If you can post such a thread, you are a moron