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    Bukusu Boda Boda Rider Marries White Woman... Fact or Fiction?

    Just live your life and let someone else live his/hers... Incase you're not catching on, these men were poor, old Fathers wasting away so if what they're pulling up isn't impressive then you should show us what is.
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    Woman left at the altar after refusing to sign prenup

    Are you aware that these women that die on the birth table get pregnant for their own lineages as well? Also no one wants a woman to take the risk in marriage, if she's comfortable taking these risks as a single mother then it's her consent. No one, except rapists & pedophiles are forcing...
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    Woman left at the altar after refusing to sign prenup

    It's necessary, there are a lot of gold digging fools out there... Why didn't she sign the prenuptial papers if she wasn't just looking for a 5 year marriage & later half his wealth?
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    Kunguru aids Elon Musk to become the World's Richest Person!

    The first trillionare will most likely come from a space sector agency. Just one asteroid mined could potentially provide the world with just about all the resources needed for a couple of decades.
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    Explicit Wanawake ni shetani

    It's available in Kenya
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    Explicit Wanawake ni shetani

    It's cheaper & more accurate when you use commercial dna companies like the ancestry & traits will only cost you 79 dollars per person.
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    Alpha male

    This is most likely South Africa. The men there 5ft in average murder their women & girlfriends like the deranged midget cucks they are. Nothing alpha about a pygmy with self esteem issues.
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    HOT A**

    What evidence to support your claim of slaved Luos by the swahili.
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    18+ Kangethe na Mwende - Hekaya Mwoto with Evidence

    Dark legs, light face & hand now what does that remind me of?
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    Photography gone wrong

    Photography done right
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    Anita Nderu kumbe ni homo

    since she didn't specify & Bisexuality exists, Idk why everyone is adamantly assuming she's lesbian?
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    Osha macho

    & you're the punchline.
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    Osha macho

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    Kenyan Chinese?