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    barbershop in cbd

    Enda Maxit Barbers..opposite Kenya Mpya stage..Clean, professional and reasonable price (250/=)
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    Bitcoin was $5K now $20K. Nimeamua kusail na mimi

    Na kuwithdraw, how do they send it?...Sioni waki-support paypal..
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    Chura virtual card

    Too expensive..dollar at 110 bob, mpesa charges...just use an Equity bank card or prepaid cards from KCB
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    Boy child discrimination chronicles apo driving test.

    Mimi niliingia pale Aqra driving school and told the lady najua kuendesha. She just asked for my details na 5k..I got my licence 1 week later...In Kenya, lipa tu before uende test and don't go to a big driving school...Utaangushwa for no reason and will be more expensive
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    Uhuru amefungulia Imports kutoka eac.

    Not in an over-populated country witha high unemployment rates and struggling infrastructure...Bad decision..sasa tuta-compete pia na graduates from Makerere and Kampala?..hii wata revisit
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    50M Thika job, 3 arrested

    Kuna series inaitwa Ozark, same scenario
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    Ebu explain further..
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    GIS Mapping/Technology (Online Resource)

    Am sure you won't miss a youtube vid or a pdf offerring guidance..but most aren't thorough for expert level knowledge..check torrents for text books, that's where I get most stuff from
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    GIS Mapping/Technology (Online Resource)

    For such specialised stuff, text books are the best..soft copy ziko pale Amazon and usually text books ziu-anza from basics to advanced levels...I know for example there is one for GIS with Python but sijawai soma
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    investment opportunity

    Ata m-akiba risk free unapata 10%..
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    Breaking News: Uncle Bob

    Surprised people think "the people" have now taken power...My bet is the Mnagagwa fellow will be worse..
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    Low Cost Shipping From USA to Kenya

    If small quantities, kenya air-cargo is the best..however if quantities are larger, I would vouch for saaliyah cargo..they aren't expensive and are professional
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    Low Cost Shipping From USA to Kenya

    Just google air-cargo. Containers are best handled by Somalis in Eastleigh through websites such as kenyaair-cargo, saaliyah, kesom freight..there are many options out there
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    Difficulty in buying online in British Pounds

    So I found a nice deal in a UK website (ps4 pro, fifa 18 and bandicoot for ~42k). Have the courier guys (Peer cargo) and the funds. The problem is how to buy from the website. I have at least 3 bank cards each with its own issues: 1) NIC prepaid card - Doesn't accept British pounds. 2) Airtel...
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    St. Andrew’s, Turi

    Kuna examples eg George Bush 43, Alexander the Great, Von Moltke the younger..but probability is generally lower