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    18+ The Dinner having Lunch

    Public property
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    She quit her lecturer job to become a drug mule

    Yes she went international and it happened in Italy . Very sad life
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    Ladies let's avoid doing this, sio poa Ata kidogo

    Very hard time for Ngigi and kabuda ! Zamani hii mambo ya kuoa, wazazi would sort it @Meria Mata ,hapa kabuda atoe mbùri ya kuhata mùruru ,na mwana aciarwa rìngi. Ngigi aendele na mambo yake kuhùura mbeù
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    Ngirita breaks down again

    she is confessing she was one of those involved in NYS scandal !
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    All Religions Are Scams

    kuna extremist !
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    my knec ict diploma project -

    atapata CNC
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    Unatongoza Vyema X2, Rais Moi , Former Headmistresses Know This Song All Too Well

    even today pale kisumu kwa lake ,the fish business !
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    Ruto Is Too Emotional

    there is a time he need the media and a time he doesn't .
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    When they hit the wall.

    Njoka was there , aliona maajabu carnival !
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    Fired CS kiunjuri's Send Off Pacckage

    what are the legal implications of being fired ?
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    Kupata P2 on christmas day..

    alpha Male don't bother ,kazi yako iliisha !