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    Some rich men overrated

    Blocking mtu sio achievement you fossil... Anyway so to say..I Am a 23yrs old man... and i believe id rather be dead than be you.. You cant even think beyond your nose single old Shosh... haha go feed and remove your toxicity to you uncountable cats.. Mbushit.... MUKUNDO... In meru accent...
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    Some rich men overrated

    Id hate to be you... Ati sex toys... kumbe hio ndio we huride... Na maushenzi zako ukidhani you are an advisor... you are one sore ugly old bitch... Hio nko certain.. Alafu since you are so predictable nangojea utusi my mum.. bt anyway it is what it is.. endelea kujidildo
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    PU$$Y -

    Salute my breddah... Those kidos ... All 4 will always view you as their adorable Father while the exes will always beg a piece of you bt i see no biggie since you come out as an intelligent chap... Momma aint raised no fool.. Big up
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    Semen contains anti-depresants that keep women happy, study finds

    I pity your life and all those people around you.. All this hate... Makes you feel more of a woman doesnt it?. You need Jesus
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    Explicit Nakuru

    Kujia mimi Njoro nitakua Tour Guide wako for today... Bora drinks na guide fee iko
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    Mwanamke hard to get

    Be yourself, never ask for the number again. You will not die. If you think its awkward for you then its also awkward for her meeting you if she has self esteem issues like i assume you do. Women are not gods.. Amekunyima .. sawa.. Dont you have better things to do..? Do you na akitaka kukupea...
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    Man under Sieke

    Pole sana msee.. Just next time open her account and pay her nhif bills or better yet let your wife pay her nhif bills... Poleni sana. May she be well
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    Bruh, This is a nice step am considering to take also bt its so hard, Basically am 23 and I want to channel all my energy to my own self improvement. I have fucked several ladies in my life i guess past 20 ivi and sincerely it wasnt worth the hustle. I am aware that ladies on my gap are normally...
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    Mwanaume una inbox mwanaume mwenzako...kwani hauna akili?

    Kumbe Panyaste uko na umama mingi hivo.. Whats wrong with a man having a conversation with the other. There are other important issues pple that dont know each other can consult without drawing the whole Ktalk in It. Una tabia za umbilikimo. I thought Makunguru ndio main topic tunaadvisiwa...
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    Is this guy overreacting or what?

    Always bitching like their fellow biatches
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    Chief chemist 2

    Omwami ongea na mimi vizuri nikupatie a very nice detailed script on how to prepare a 6-8% busaa. This was one of my project that I did in campus and aced. AM a Food Scientist and am very skilled na hizi knowledge... You only need maize,millet/sorghum, natural yeast and sugar if you prefer ...
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    Black LGBTQ parade in America

    wacha leo nisumbue @Mrs Shosho ... Onawee shegia riitwa riaku to Mrs Cucu, nidarakara ona nie
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    Madness in Europe

    Ako wapi ule fala TruKapote au sijui huitwa aje.. Mtu Amtag aone watu ameishi kutetea
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    Alipatikana Na BIBI ya wenyewe

    Alpha male ameshikwa na rende ya beta males... Ofcourse msamaha is not one of their options... Hahahaha... Again we said to be an alpha male you have to be Rich.. Apana aibu ndogo ndogo kama hii

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