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    f**k! AM STUCK!

    I will just tell you to consider what you want for your future.. regrets or success.. Dont settle for cheap pleasures because of your body demands.. First tame your lust. With great power of your body and mind, women will never control you. You will just view them as males.. just as people in...
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    Nuthin much, jus having coffee while i wait 4 mwoman Yvonne

    such a detailed experience you had back here before things got better...
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    This is Guka - Saidieni Tafasari................My First Post on Sex!

    As a young educated foodscientist and nutritionist i would advice you to watch your diet and have 2-4 days exercises in a week. youd want to reduce you animal fat and processed sugars if you always incorporate it often in your meal.... you could substitute this with plant oils from pulses and...
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    Saturday Siku ya Mikosi

    hii sasa ndio hekaya.. kama vindeo kama ndrama nimeiona 3D boss
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    Tubonge ukweli

    sidechick to a loyal boyfriend... hahahahahahaha such an oxymoron
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    Hekaya: Cuzo kuchanuliwa na pokoste.

    smart guy
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    The one thing a boy must master to become a man

    I would like to add BALLS OF STEEL to that. Nowadays men lack that
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    I am considering running for a political post

    You need goons... diehard ones for that matter who know the streets. When you attract such, there is nothing as bad publicity. Be very vocal.. Matter of fact be arrogant. Promise the youths jobs.. Clout chase higher pple in power. Be seen in open congregational places as churches and other...
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    Uyu Ben gatu si ule alimwagia saumu mbuvi?kumbe pia he was munching wairia's daughter(singo matha)..lucky jamaa

    Man better be careful not to turn up in a body bag. Those are daughters of two taller pple in tall places ... Anyway KUDOS. Your kids will never lack
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    Drugs and success

    like literary i have no expenses pengine za kujiekelea
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    Drugs and success

    This is K talk not linked in
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    Drugs and success

    Hello Ktalkers, I guess you have seen some few questions from me, So let me be quick WEED, MUGUKA AND ALCOHOL, does it render one from achieving his/her goals. The pple at 30 what can you advice me about this. Mark you i use about 1/4 of my monthly earnings that is about 4-6k per month... Let me...
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    Hey Ktalkers, what steps do i need to know in applying for a greencard, will there be hidden charges to apply and is it complicated, thanks. your answers will be duly appreciated. Help us youngstars in landing opportunities and going to the land where anyone can be anything. Najua wakenya...
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    Hey Ktalkers at what point did you feel like you started being independent ... This is because I have completed my Uni... Got a second Lower ... I would love suggestions since am currently on a place that I can earn around 15K a month and save half every month mark you its a very different...
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    Washika dau saidia

    Evaluate yourself... Read books that would help you change your bad habits and replace them with good oness. Self discipline is key Just like when you have a problem with maths you read and practice maths , the same applies to that. God help you in that journey