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    I hate such kind of ignorance, how can such a grown up make such filthy statement when the lady who gave birth was being carried by her husband on his hands, you get it fool, on his hands.
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    Explicit Ladies!

    It's points not likes,100 points you are an elder. Ghaseer!
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    Trump bans tiktok and WeChat.

    I say it's a good move. I hate the app. Kenya should follow suite. The app promotes moral decay in the society.
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    Sir God Haezi Kufanyia Kila Kitu. At Some point, personal intelligence matters

    If it was me I would have said "forgive me lord, for I have sinned, for the temptation is so great."
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    The best advice I ever gave myself.

    :D:D hutaki hii maneno ama ni Nini boss.
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    18+ Tumsifu

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    18+ Tumsifu

    Damn:D:D:D My bad, thought WAP was wapi.
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    f**k you Admin

    :D:D F you!
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    18+ Tumsifu

    :D:D tuma playbill kama ni bundles.
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    18+ Special Chair

    It's rather a manufacturing company...
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    18+ Tumsifu

    Watch njoti's attachment and tell me the song
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    18+ Tumsifu

    What's the name of the song's album?
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    f**k you Admin

    :D #Engineer The Enigma CGH EGH EBS MP GHC CRE must be fuckkng respected.
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    Explicit Is she normal ama kuna kasolo?

    Who said I was a saint! You are a f*cking grinch.
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    Explicit Is she normal ama kuna kasolo?

    F*ck the administration of this forum!