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    Anthem ya Kenyatalk

    Toddler in an adults body. Shenzii sana.
  2. Kemoi

    Gideon Moi ditcheS Kalonzo/Madvd, to support Baba

    Heri SK.
  3. Kemoi

    The Issue about Sleeping in the Same Bed

    Am always told this stuff by couple friends, but let's wait and see, maybe I will.
  4. Kemoi

    The Issue about Sleeping in the Same Bed

    I think am still African. Can't see myself waking up to feed an infant.
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    Mifupa is for dogs narrative

  6. Kemoi

    Don't be cheated .

    Tei kwong
  7. Kemoi

    Ruto To Withdraw From 2022 Race....?

    What happened to BBI revival?
  8. Kemoi

    What happened to thread ya "Financial Tip" @purple.. @adminstrator

    It seems you were in it together. "NONE of them" means you have a clue of this shady deal. Well, why don't you apprise us about it.
  9. Kemoi

    This is not Kenya. Tunapenda Wachina sana

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D This part of the episode was hilarious:D
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    18+ Friday Delight

  11. Kemoi

    18+ Friday Delight

    Rexx ulikataa ku_acknowledge beauty ya landwhale one and only Bridget achieng.
  12. Kemoi

    Explicit Our 2022 President Mukhisha Kitui

    Ruto ni faruk.
  13. Kemoi

    Wrong move

    No. Uhunye's declaration of Nasa support is a merit to Ruto.
  14. Kemoi

    Uncomfortable Truths Most Ktalkers Hate to be Told

    with satisfaction you need no ambition.
  15. Kemoi

    Reality check


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