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    Cvt Fluid change

    @Duluz according to toyota kenya cvt fluid is good for mileage between 40k to 50k km depending on the driving conditions. If you do lots of stop go kind of traffic you should change after 40k km. If open highway you should change after 50k km.
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    Cvt Fluid change

    You teaching me English? Loool About who asked first check on the time stamp.
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    Cvt Fluid change

    Ghasia wewe! The question was directed to the OP
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    Cvt Fluid change

    Which vehicle?
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    The sad decline of Karen estate

    Are you a karen resident? You seem to know the place too well.
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    Konyagi gvt stopped whistling

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    Car Ground Clearance

    About 60k free installation
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    Car Ground Clearance

    @Kevinny the only person giving you a proper practical solution is @Charlow go to oriel kenya they will change your springs and shocks both front and back. The gained clearance will be sufficient enough for most of our roads. I had the same challenge with a '08 Allion. It was sorted.
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    Ms Obama is dead

    Oh no...
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    Kenya is a Shithole Failed State

    If you dont understand then clearly it was not meant for you.
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    Kenya is a Shithole Failed State

    Even developed countries have a hybrid sort of situation. Public and private coexist.
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    Ruto na Rao

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    Depression due to constant travel.

    Not true. Its exciting at the begining but a year or two into the job. It becomes monotonous. My biggest challenge during my job related travels was food. Followed closely by fear of missing out on important milestones for the kids. I had to request for an office job. Less pay but more...
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    2m puts you in top 1% net worth in Kenya

    @Azor Ahai so with my buru house and extension valued at USD200k and USD1.5K mimi bado ni peasant?